Top 5 microwave usage mistakes people make

proper usage of microwaves
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Microwaves were once a luxury item which only a few people owned and used at their homes but nowadays, almost everyone seems to have one. Microwaves are extremely useful devices which are capable of not only heating food but also cooking, baking and grilling etc. Once bought, they have a durability of several years and are a must have for anyone. But if not used properly, they can quickly develop glitches and may not give the performance that they are meant to. The following is a list of the top 5 microwave usage mistakes people make

1. Using plastic in microwaves is one of the microwave usage mistakes

One of the most common yet serious mistakes that people make when using microwaves is using plastic in them.  Commercially available plastic containers are a strict no-no for microwaves since plastic releases very harmful chemicals which when exposed to sunlight, boiling water and heat from the microwave. It is advisable to use only microwave save plastic containers in these appliances.

Use only FDA approved plastic containers in microwavesImage Credits: Flickr

2. Not rotating or stirring food while heating

Most of us add food to containers and put it in the microwave for heating. This is a common mistake since microwaves may not heat the food evenly and hence rotating or stirring food in between is highly advisable.

3. Not cleaning the microwave on a regular basis

Another common microwave usage mistake that people tend to make is not cleaning the appliance from inside and outside on a regular basis. This can lead to declining performance and even need for repairs every now and then. Keeping the appliance well maintained can lower down the need for servicing and repair and may enhance the performance further.

Cleaning microwave on regular basis is importantImage Credits: Flickr

4. Using the microwave as a table

Well, the space above the microwave may seem really useful and one may be tempted to place kitchen items on it but this is highly non-recommended. Microwaves give out radiations from the top, the back and the sides and this is why it must be placed in such a way that it is sufficiently away from the other things in the kitchen. Placing things over it may diminish its performance as well.

Avoid using microwave as a table

Image Credits: Flickr

5. Using only high power to cook food

Most of us think that cooking food on high power will properly and evenly cook the items but this is not true. Cooking food only on high power in the microwave is another mistake that many of us tend to make. It is important to remember that high power can lead to uneven cooking of most foods, especially meats etc. Thus use medium or low power to cook food in the microwave.

Avoiding the above given 5 microwave mistakes may enable you to get the best results out of your appliance and will also extend its life. So if you are someone who is committing any or most of these, it is time to rethink and change the way you use this kitchen essential.

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