Do you need microwave magnetron replacement? Find out

microwave magnetron replacement
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It won’t be wrong to say just like the microwave is the heart of the kitchen; the magnetron is the heart of a microwave.  Thus a case of microwave magnetron replacement becomes important in certain cases. The basic function of a magnetron is to produce the heat and energy which cooks or heats food inside a microwave.  It performs the function of a radio transmitter which produces RF energy and puts this energy into the cooking cavity of the appliance.  The magnetron makes use of strong permanent magnets and also has a half wave voltage doubler circuit which oscillates and produces a cooking frequency of about 2450 MHz and thus converts 60 Hz supply voltage into usable microwave energy.

If you are someone who is facing problems with the microwave then one possible cause could be issues with the magnetron.  In some cases, the magnetron may not be in the condition to be repaired and may have to be replaced. If you wish to find out whether it is working fine or whether it needs replacement, you can go through the following 2 tests for microwave magnetron replacement:

1. Test 1

Firstly, unplug the microwave and discharge all the high voltage capacitors.  Remove all the leads from the terminals of the magnetron and do not forget which wire was where.  Now take an ohmmeter and set it to the lowest resistance scale. Now in either direction, check the resistance from one terminal to another.  The reading of the ohmmeter should be less than one ohm which means that the magnetron filament resistance should be less than one ohm. If not, then your magnetron may be defective and you may need to get it replaced

microwave magnetron replacement

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2. Test 2

This is another test that can guarantee whether your magnetron needs replaced or not.  In this test, you will need to set the meter to the highest resistance scale. After doing so, check the reading from the terminals of the magnetron to the metal magnetron housing.  Here, make sure you are careful not to touch the meter leads as this can result in wrong readings.  In this case, the meter should read infinity, no matter what the polarity. If the magnetron is not showing infinity and is giving even a slight reading, then this is a sign of a defected magnetron which needs replacement.

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Now that you know the two main ways to test a magnetron, you will be able to decide whether your magnetron has a scope for repair or whether it is completely defected. If it is faulty or defected, you can replace it either yourself or either by taking professional help. It is suggested to leave this task of replacement to experts or electricians. You can easily get a qualified and experienced electrician if microwave not working by contacting Mr Right services. This service provider will get you in touch with the best electricians or microwave technicians for any microwave related problem.

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    My 2yr old DeLonghi combination microwave is overheating. This has happened twice – once when microwaving a frozen suet pudding resulting in severe burning after two mins and black smoke pouring out of the oven. The second time when roasting frozen potatoes on the oven setting at 200 which resulted in the potatoes burnt black after 10 mins and again resulting in black smoke pouring out of the oven. Fortunately I was on hand to switch off the oven and avoid what I fear could have been a catastrophe but I think this oven is for the tip although it is still working!
    Thinking back I had exactly the same problem with my previous combination microwave which I think was about the same age but not the same make.
    I would be grateful of any observations on this problem in case we are doing something wrong here especially as this does not appear to be a problem others have experienced.
    Mrs J> Townsend

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