Top reasons why microwave turns on by itself

microwave magnetron replacement
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If you own a microwave then you may agree to the fact that living without it may seem kind of difficult now that you are dependent on it. Afterall, it is an important kitchen appliance and makes several kitchen tasks much easier.  But due to regular usage, microwaves may start showing certain problems and one of the most common one is a microwave turning on by itself.  Anytime this happens, it immediately becomes a safety hazard and to avoid this, you must get it repaired fast. The following are the top reasons why microwave turns on by itself:

1. Stuck switches

One of the most common reasons why your microwave turns on by itself could be stuck switches.  The interlock switch in the door may be stuck or in some cases, the interlock relay on the control panel could also be stuck. Make sure you either check this yourself or ask for professional help.

2. Defectives switches and boards

Another reason why microwave may be turning on by itself could be faulty boards and switches.  After the problem of this appliance getting started on its own was reported by many customers or consumers, it was researched and found that this could be because of faulty switches or boards from the manufacturing company. The best way to deal with it is to contact the company to replace these parts.

3. Problem with the control panel

The touchpad or the control panel may sometimes get defective and this too can lead to the issue of the microwave turning on by itself.  The control panel supplies voltage to the various cooking components sometimes without even being told and this could suggest an issue with it. Make sure you get it replaced soon by contacting a professional.

4. Issue with the heat sensor panel

Another cause of the problem of microwave turning on on its own could be an issue with the heat sensor panel.  Some microwave buttons are heat sensitive and even without touching them; the warmth of the fingers may be enough to press the buttons. Infact in some cases, if the microwave is an over the stove model then the heat from the pan etc could also lead to it turning on by itself.

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5. Membrane keypad

In some cases where the microwave has a membrane keypad, the microwave may get started on its own. In such cases, the membrane could be faulty and may need to get replaced.  For this, you may first have to order the control panel frame assembly which will have a new membrane keypad installed. You can even replace it on your own.

membrane keypad

Image Credits: Samsung

If you are comfortable replacing the necessary microwave part yourself, then you may just need replacement parts. However if you want professional help for the microwave or any general home appliances repairs, you can contact Mr Right.

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    My microwave start runinng as soon as i plug it in but it dont be heat an wen i am able to use it it works just fine

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