Top reasons why the microwave plate won’t turn

microwave turntable not turning
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Microwave is one appliance in the kitchen which we need on an everyday basis and that too more than once. This is why it is important that you keep it working in perfect condition always.  For this, it is vital for you to keep it maintained and well serviced always.  But inspite of that it can encounter certain problems every once in a while and one of this is the glass plate of the microwave not turning. There can be many reasons for it and some of the most common reasons why the microwave plate won’t turn are given as follows:

1. Broken drive motor

The first and most common reason why the microwave plate won’t turn is a broken drive motor.  In most of the microwaves there is a round glass turntable which has a motor driven coupler and a roller guide which turns the tray.  This drive motor can go faulty in some cases. To access it, remove the bottom panel after unplugging the microwave. If the motor makes some sound or won’t rotate then this means that you may need to get it replaced.  For this purpose, you may need to contact a technician or professional.

Here are some Rotating Motors you can find online:-

  1. Samsung DE31-10172C Microwave Turntable Motor Genuine (OEM) Part
  2. Microwave Oven Synchronous Motor Replace for Panasonic 
  3. Microwave Turntable Motor for GE 

2. Problem with the coupler

Another possible cause for microwave plate not turning could be an issue with the coupler.  To check whether the coupler is damaged you will need to remove the tray and the roller guide. Then remove the bottom cover to access the coupler. The coupler usually detaches itself and is three sided in shape.  You need to check the opening of the coupler which fits onto the motor shaft. See if there are any cracks or other signs of damage or wear and tear.

Here are some Turntable Coupler available online:-

  1. General Electric WB06X10144 Glass Tray Drive Coupling 
  2. GE WB06X10420 Turntable Coupler 
  3. Turntable Coupler is for microwave oven use Home Kitchenware Replacement 5pcs 0.67 Inch Long 
  4. 4X Microwave Oven Mica Plates Repairing Part Heat Resistance Turntable Coupler L(2.3CM) for Galanz 
microwave plate not turning

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3. Damaged roller guide

Another reason why the microwave plate won’t turn could be a damaged roller guide.  Roller guide basically lies under the glass tray and keeps it in its correct position while in rotating motion.  Both the coupler and the roller guide work together to rotate the turntable.  In order to check for a problem with roller guide, you first need to switch the microwave off and then take out the glass tray. Check for wear and tear, cracks or any other kind of damage. You may need to replace the part if you observe any problem with this part.

If you are looking for replacing it here are some recommendations:-

  1. General Electric WB02X10895 Glass Tray Support 
  2. Supplying Demand R0130609 Microwave Support Ring Plastic 9 Inches Round
  3. Microwave Glass Turntable Plate Roller Support Wheel Ring, Outer Diamater 8.7″ / 221mm – 2Pcs
  4. Microwave Turntable Ring Microwave Oven Rotating Roller Support Ring/Tray Wheel Ring(Large, 2 Pieces) 

These were the top 3 most common reasons why the microwave plate won’t turn. However there could be other reasons for this as well. If you aren’t able to identify the cause yourself, you can contact a technician. There is no dearth of good microwave repair technicians or professionals around you.  If your microwave glass plate is not spinning, you can reach out to Mr Right for help. The company will send in their best technicians for the identification as well as the solution to the problem.

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    No torque to turn glass platter. It will turn a paper plate. Is it safe to use without turning to heat water if not cook food evenly?

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