DTH signal problems and their solutions

DTH installation
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DTH or direct to home service is a service through which we can enjoy TV channel coverage and broadcast on our television sets through satellite transmission. This service has become very common these days and can be found around the world. While the transmission and broadcast is uninterrupted most of the times, in some cases or situations, it may not be very clear or may stop altogether. The main reason behind this is signal problems. If the signal caught by the dish is not fine, then you may not be able to watch the TV coverage properly. The following are more details about DTH signal problems as well as their solutions:

1. DTH signal problem due to bad weather

One of the most common reasons for DTH signal problems is bad weather conditions.  Whenever there are strong winds outside or rain etc, then the signal received by the dish may not be upto the mark and hence the coverage or broadcast on your television set may be faulty.

To avoid this kind of a problem, it is advisable that when you are getting your dish or DTH connection installed, you get a KU band transmission service rather than a C band transmission.  C band transmission has a dish of a large size where the signals usually spread out and may not be fine. However with a C band transmission dish, the signal received is on a small dish size and hence precise.

DTH signal problems

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2. Get good transponders installed

The main way to avoid signal problems in DTH services is to be careful at the time of installation. Besides bad weather, there could be many reasons for bad reception and some include wire disturbances, wrong choice of transponder etc.  When the installation process is being carried out, make sure that the transponder gets maximum signals. Basically each DTH service has several transponders through which you get the channels on your TV.  During installation, the signal strength of each of these transponders must be checked properly.

However if you have already gone past the installation step and the signal drops during bad weather or due to other reasons, then you can adjust the settings and get the signal back. To do this, you will have to go to the Menu and then to the installation. Check the signal strength and if there is any drop then adjust the strength yourself.

3. Other ways to get better signals

Other ways to get better signals on DTH service is to check that there are no joints between connection cables, use only high quality cables for DTH connections and use good quality LNB device as it helps to give proper noise blocking.

Now that you know the common reasons for DTH signal problems and their respective solutions, you can check and change the signal strength on your own. But ofcourse, professional help is always available and can be reached for easily. If you want DTH installation or any other DTH related service, contact Mr Right.

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