Top reasons why your microwave is loud or noisy

loud or noisy microwave
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Out of all the kitchen appliances, microwave is probably the most used one and also the most useful. Since it is used so often and several times a day, it is likely to face certain problems every now and then. One of them is when your microwave is loud or noisy. Have you observed a slight noise when it is switched on and put to work? Do you think it is making more noise than it did when you first brought it in? Not sure of the reason though? Well the following are the top reasons why your microwave is loud or noisy:

1 Problem with the turn table

The most common reason for microwave making noise is problem with the turn table.  Constant use as well as age can make your turn table problematic and possibly malfunctioned.  To solve this you can try taking it out and putting it back again a little firmly. However if the issue doesn’t get resolved, then you may need to call a technician to either repair the fault or replace the turn table altogether.

If you are looking for replacing your Turn Table Tray here are some recommendations:-

  1. Kenmore, Amana, Samsung 14″ Microwave Glass Cooking Tray / Glass Plate 
  2. Microwave Glass Tray 12 Inch Whirlpool W10337247, W11367904 
  3. Microwave Glass Plate / Microwave Glass Turntable Plate GE and Samsung -Compatible – 11 1/4″ 
  4. Microwave Glass Tray Panasonic 13.5” (NOT FRIGIDAIRE-Compatible) – Dishwasher Safe 
  5. Microwave Glass Tray for Kenmore, LG and Sears- 12.75’’

turntable problems

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2 Problem with the magnetron tube

If you hear a growing or high pitched sound coming out from the microwave when it is cooking or heating food then this is a signal that the magnetron tube may have become malfunctioned.  This tube basically does the work of creating the frequency which thereby cooks the food.  When it is in good condition, then device works silently however when the appliance becomes noisy, it may indicate that the tube needs to be repaired or replaced.  The magnetron may be failing or burning out.  To repair or replace, you may need to call an experienced technician.

Some commonly used Magnetrons available online:-

  1. GE Microwave Oven Magnetron and Diode Kit OM75P
  2. LG Electronics 6324W1A001H Microwave Oven Magnetro
  3. BlueCatELE 2M246 Microwave Magnetron Tube 
  4. Supplying Demand SD0259 Microwave Magnetron Compatible AP5183463 & Fits 0M75 
  5. Generic Microwave Magnetron Tube WB27X10516 OM75P(31) Air Cooling Compatible for GE Samsung 

3 Stirrer motor issue

Another possible issue that can be responsible for the loud sounds coming out of a microwave is problems with the stirrer motor.  The stirrer is nothing but a metal blade which distributes the microwave energy by rotating.  This leads to the food being heated or cooked evenly however the stirrer motor can start performing low when it has aged.  It may start emitting a grinding kind of noise. In this case, you may need to replace it by reaching out to a professional.

Here are some Rotating Motors you can find online:-

  1. Samsung DE31-10172C Microwave Turntable Motor Genuine (OEM) Part
  2. Microwave Oven Synchronous Motor Replace for Panasonic 
  3. Microwave Turntable Motor for GE 

If you are looking for replacing roller guide here are some recommendations:-

  1. General Electric WB02X10895 Glass Tray Support 
  2. Supplying Demand R0130609 Microwave Support Ring Plastic 9 Inches Round
  3. Microwave Glass Turntable Plate Roller Support Wheel Ring, Outer Diamater 8.7″ / 221mm – 2Pcs
  4. Microwave Turntable Ring Microwave Oven Rotating Roller Support Ring/Tray Wheel Ring(Large, 2 Pieces) 

The above given reasons are the most common ones for loud microwaves however there can be other big and small issues as well. The best way to find out the exact cause is by contacting a professional technician. One visit and the technician will be able to detect what the problem with your microwave is. Ensure that you don’t get parts replaced unnecessarily if repair is possible. Also, the new parts being installed must be certified and verified for authenticity. If you are facing the similar issue or if your microwave is not working the way it should, you can contact Mr Right and get all the problems resolved.

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  1. 1

    It’s good that you mentioned that worn out turntable could be the cause of your strange microwave noises. The microwave in my kitchen has been making strange vibrating sounds and I can’t see any problems with the turntable. I think it’d be a good idea to call a professional to see if there is a way to repair my broken microwave.

  2. 2

    Bought new $600 KitchenAid microwave that had 6 tiny bumps on right side of the interior of the bottom, so called KitchenAid who said contact seller for inspection. Seller sent another Microwave but it had same problem with these bumps. Seller ordered 40 new microwaves of this type from KitchenAid, but the one they sent me again had these bumps, so seller now wants to have KitchenAid technician come out to assess whether a problem or not. I am now happy, as suddenly there might not be a problem???? Your view?

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