Dishwasher not filling: Here are the reasons and solutions

dishwasher problems
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A dishwasher is a useful kitchen appliance which helps you wash all your dishes and also dry them. It thus reduces a lot of your workload and makes everyday chores much less time taking.  One of the common problems that can crop up in this appliance, thus making things difficult for you is dishwasher not filling.  Dishwasher not filling may slow down the process of washing the dishes and it is thus important to know the causes as well as the solutions for this issue. They are given as follows for your reference.

1. Problem with the water inlet valve

REASON: The water inlet valve in the dishwasher plays the role of filling the dishwasher with the sufficient amount of hot water and is controlled by an electronic control or timer.  It is present behind the lower access panel and has 2 wires attached.  These two wires are an outlet hose to the tub and the hot water inlet.

SOLUTION: If the dishwasher does not fill then it means that you must check the inlet supply to ensure that there is sufficient water pressure.  If this is not the problem then the issue is with the valve and it must be replaced.

water inlet valve

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2. Problem with the float

PROBLEM:Another common reason for dishwasher not filling is problem with the float.  Float is located at the bottom of the dishwasher tub and is a safety device which prevents the appliance from overfilling.  The float rises with the water level in the unit and when optimum level is reached, the float tends to trigger the float switch to turn the water inlet valve off.

SOLUTION: To solve the problem, ensure that there is no debris or other particles which may be blocking the float.

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3. Problem with the door switch

PROBLEM: Another possible cause of dishwasher not filling is problem with the door switch.  In case the door switch is malfunctioned then the dishwasher will be unable to fill.  The mechanism of the door switch is located behind the door panel and at the top of the door.

SOLUTION: To check whether the operation of this part is fine, you will first have to separate the inner door from the outer door. After this you will need to remove the wires from the switches.  Now use a multi meter to check the continuity.

dishwasher door switch

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4. Issue with the float switch

PROBLEM: The float switch is located below the float and when it is triggered, the power to the water inlet valve gets interrupted. This may stop the flow of water to the appliance.

SOLUTION:   So you must first verify the mechanical action of the float to the switch to see whether it is operating correctly.  Also see if the wire connections are secure. Take a multimeter to check the continuity of the float switch by removing the wires.

float switch

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If you are facing the problem of dishwasher not filling, then you can test the issue using the help of the above given points. But if you want a professional to do the same for you for dishwasher or other general home appliances repair, you can reach out to Mr Right.

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