Dishwasher not drying: causes and solutions

dishwasher problems
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If you are someone who owns a dishwasher then you must really know the various benefits that this appliance offers on a day to day basis.  Dishwashers help reduce a lot of our workload and at the same time make things in the kitchen easier and time saving. But certain problems like dishwasher not drying can prove really frustrating and may ask for a quick solution. These problems may cause trouble and may add huge amounts of workload.  But before you look for a solution, you must identify the causes for dishwasher not drying. The following is a list of causes as well as solutions for this problem.

1. A malfunctioned heating element

PROBLEM: One of the common causes for dishwasher not drying is a malfunctioning heating element. Without the heating element, the device may not work at all.


  • In order to check the heating element you first need to turn the power off from the appliance.
  • Make sure the device has no power and then take a multimeter for checking the continuity of the heating element.
  • You will be able to find the terminals of the heating element situated beneath the tub and can be reached by removing the lower panel.
  • Make sure you also check the wire condition and also the terminals.
  • Replace any part which is not functioning properly so that the dishwasher can dry properly.
malfunctioned heating element


2. A high limit thermostat

PROBLEM: A high limit thermostat is basically that part of the dishwasher which acts like a safety device which keeps the appliance from getting too hot.  In case the thermostat is defective or malfunctioning then it may shut off the heat before the drying function is over.

SOLUTION: You can find the thermostat located at the bottom of the dishwasher tub and behind the lower access panel.  You must check for its continuity by making use of a multi meter. If tthere is no continuity on the multimeter, you may have to replace the thermostat.

check thermostat for continuity

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3. Problem with the rinse aid dispenser

PROBLEM: Another common issue that may cause the problem of dishwasher not drying is a malfunctioning rinse aid dispenser.  Without a properly working rinse aid, the dishes will not be able to shed off the water and may hence not dry properly.

SOLUTION: Thus the first thing you need to do is to check the rinse aid chamber and ensure that it is not empty.  If there is any rinse aid in the chamber then you may need to inspect the cap. Now ensure that it is properly fitted and also correctly adjusted.

rinse aid dispenser dishwasher

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Now that you know the various reasons for dishwasher not drying, you can easily identify what the issue is really and then solve the problem accordingly. While it is true that dishwashers can easily be repaired, but if you are not confident about doing the same, you can hire an electrician or a dishwasher expert for the job. Without dishes drying properly, a dishwasher is incomplete in function and you may not able to take its full worth out.  If you wish to get your dishwasher repaired or for any other general home appliances repair, you can contact Mr Right services.

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