Hot water radiators not circulating: causes and solutions

hot water radiator installation
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A hot water radiator is an important electronic appliance which helps heat our homes and offices and are usually placed centrally. These devices have at outlet for warm or hot air which helps make rooms and even lobbies warm and cosy. However due to certain reasons, the device may not function as it should and this can create problems in extremely cold weather conditions. One of such problems is hot water radiators not circulating. The following are the main causes and solutions for this and can prove useful if you are facing the same problem.

1. Thermostat issues

CAUSE: One of the main reasons for hot water radiators not circulating is thermostat issues. If your thermostat is set at the wrong setting or is not working for some reason, then you may experience that the radiators are not circulating air.  Moreover in some cases, the thermostat may be stuck or may become faulty and this could be the reason for no circulation.

SOLUTION: To solve thermostat issues, first check what the exact problem is. Firstly try to move the dial and notice change in its output. Then, you must check the setting and then ensure the thermostat is working properly and is not stuck.  If not, make sure you get it checked or have it replaced for the unit to work normally again.

hot water radiators

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2. Radiators are partially blocked

CAUSE: Another common cause of hot water radiators not circulating is radiators blocked partially.  If this happens, then it will lead to the coolant going through the radiators much more slowly than it should. This will thus result in the radiators not circulating enough or at all. The thermostat setting won’t really have an effect on the heating in this case.

SOLUTION. To solve this problem, make sure the radiators are not blocked in any way and if yes, try to remove the obstruction.

radiators blocked partially
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3. Air trapped during bleeding the radiator

CAUSE: Another cause of hot water radiators not circulating could be trapped air. If you have recently bled your radiator, then chances are that some air may have trapped inside. This trapped air could be leading to the circulation problem.

SOLUTION: To solve this issue, you may need to bleed the steam off again and make sure no air gets trapped in this time.

bleeding steam out of radiator
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4. The water pump shaft is turning

CAUSE: Another reason for hot water radiators not circulating could be water pump shaft not turning.

SOLUTION: To solve this issue, you will first need to fill warm water in both the hoses and then bleed the system once again.  This will help in preventing the water pump shaft from turning and hence will lead to hot water radiators circulating.

Our Pick

Now that you know the most common causes of hot water radiators not circulating, you may be able to solve the problem on your own without much difficulty. But if you are still not able to detect the main cause then you may need some professional help or assistance. There are many qualified professionals or technicians who can help solve this issue and you can contact them through Mr Right services. So call today and get any help related to general home appliances repair.

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