Top reasons for a leaking dishwasher

leaking dishwasher
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A dishwasher is surely a very useful appliance but when it starts showing certain problems like leakage then it can be very frustrating. The appliance is meant for our comfort when it comes to washing dishes and is helpful as it reduces our workload. But if it starts leaking then the workload can rather double up. This is why it is important to understand the reasons for a leaking dishwasher and then resolve the problem either on your own or by contacting a professional. The following are the top reasons for a leaking dishwasher:

1. A defective pump

REASON:The most common reasons for a leaking dishwasher is a defective pump.  The main purpose of a pump is a circulate water in the appliance and sometimes even to drain it out.  The pump housing consists of a rubber gasket which seals it to the bottom but the use of detergent as well as regular usage can wear it out and may create a leak.  It is true that the wash and drain compartments have seals to prevent leakage but they too can fail.

SOLUTION: Thus to check the leaking dishwasher, make sure you check the pump and get it repaired through a professional.

defective dishwasher pump

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2. Problematic door gasket

PROBLEM: Another one of the common reasons for a leaking dishwasher is a problematic door gasket. The door gasket is made of soft rubber type material which creates a watertight seal.  When the rubber tends to age, the flexibility becomes low and this may damage the seal or the door gasket, thus leading to a leak.

SOLUTION:   Thus you must inspect the gasket to see whether the rubber is fine or not.  If not, then it is best to get it replaced as there is no way to repair it.

dishwasher door gasket

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3. Water inlet valve

REASON: Out of the many common reasons for a leaking dishwasher, one is problem with the water inlet valve. The function of this part is to feed the water from the main water line of the home to the dishwashing unit.  This too could be a cause of the leak and to check this, you must inspect the supply connection and see if there is any leak there.

SOLUTION:Inspect for tears and cracks in the hose of the outlet of the valve and also the injector of the tub.  If you find any irregularities, contact a professional for replacement.

water inlet valve

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4. Defective spray arms

REASON: Defective spray arms can also be causing the leak from the dishwasher.  Spray arms are made of plastic which tends to get cracked at times. Even metal spray arms can get cracked and this can lead to water getting directed to the bottom where there is no gasket. Hence it results to a leaking dishwasher.

SOLUTION: Inspect the spray arms for cracking and get them replaced if this is the case.

defective dishwasher spray arms

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If you are experiencing leakage from the dishwasher, then it is advisable to replace the parts creating the problem. Contact Mr Right services for dishwasher or any other general home appliances repair.

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