Solutions for a noisy refrigerator

A noisy refrigerator is very annoying as it is one of the main appliances in your kitchen. But, like any other big appliance, refrigerators also make some type of low sounds like buzzing or whirring, while running, which is a sign that your refrigerator’s compressor is functioning properly. Besides this, some other components of your refrigerator like drip tray, refrigerator walls, and icemaker also usually make a low rattling sound. As long as the noises are normal, you don’t need to worry. But, the moment you notice any unusual or loud noise coming from your refrigerator, it is time to take some action. Based on the source or reason for the noise, there are several solutions for a noisy refrigerator. That is why it is necessary to find out the source of the noise before looking for solutions. Let us learn about some basic solutions for a noisy refrigerator.  

Solutions for a noisy refrigerator

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Before finding the solution for your issue, it is best to find out the source and type of noise from your refrigerator. If you can find the issue on your own, then it’s good but if you are confused about the noise, the best course of action will be to contact a professional to have a look. If you know the source of noise, it will be easier to quiet them down. 

You can look into these refrigerator accessories that help in blocking sound:

  1. SHINEHOME 394mil 21.53sqft Heat Shield Sound Deadener Noise Thermal Insulation Dampening Sound Deadening Mat
  2. uxcell Heat Sound Deadening Insulation Mat
  3. Adjustable Fridge Stand- Dryer Stand- Refrigerator Stand
  4. Diversitech MP4-E E.V.A. Anti-Vibration Pad
  5. YARKOR Table Shims, 32 Piece Jar, Premium Soft Furniture Levelers Restaurant Table Shims, Home Improvement DIY Levelers
  6. BXI Soundproofing Foam

Following are some of the creative solutions for a noisy refrigerator:

  1. Level out the legs:

    If your refrigerator is placed on a lower density or uneven floor, it can cause some unusual noise. It can cause vibrations or vibratory sounds emerging from your refrigerator and can cause damage to your unit in the long run. So, if your refrigerator has adjustable legs, make sure to level the legs according to the floor so that it doesn’t rattle or wobble. If your unit doesn’t have adjustable legs, you can put something below the legs to make them even. Just making your refrigerator stable is not enough, it is compulsory to make it even.

  2. Put the fridge on a mat:

    In case adjusting the refrigerator legs didn’t work and you can still feel or hear your refrigerator vibrating, there is one more solution for that. You can put your refrigerator on a mat, specifically available in the market to solve this issue. These mats absorb the vibrations of your refrigerator and thus help in controlling the noise created by it. The thickness of the mats is usually less than an inch but their dense material and low elasticity make them very useful in absorbing the vibrations. 

  3. Soundproof behind the refrigerator:

    The compressor of the refrigerator is mostly the cause of noise coming from your refrigerator. And the compressor of the refrigerator is located on the backside, so if the noise from the compressor is louder than normal, you can soundproof the backside of your refrigerator. There are compression coils on the back of the refrigerators that release excessive heat and thus can not be covered, as that can overheat the refrigerator. You can use soundproofing material on the back wall of your refrigerator to prevent the noises from escaping. Just make sure to keep a little space between the refrigerator and the soundproofing material. Most of the compressor noises are airborne and can easily escape if the right material is not used. 

  4. Put the refrigerator in an alcove:

    One other way to block the noises coming from the backside of your refrigerator is by putting it into an alcove. It will trap the noise inside the alcove and prevent it from escaping into the air. You can also soundproof the alcove on the back as well as on the side of the refrigerator. Make sure to leave a gap of 1-2 inches between the refrigerator and the walls. Soundproofing the refrigerator also helps in improving thermal insulation.

  5. Build a shelving unit around the refrigerator:

    If you don’t have a spare alcove in your kitchen, you can build a shelf around the refrigerator yourself. All you need for this is some free space in your kitchen and some DIY knowledge. If the shelf or unit is built properly around the refrigerator, it will help in absorbing or blocking most of the noise coming from the refrigerator. Soundproof the shelf, and remember to leave sufficient space around the refrigerator for best results. 

  6. Clean the condenser and fan:

    A dirty or old compressor can also be the reason behind a noisy refrigerator. So, the best way to get rid of the unnecessary noise is by cleaning the compressor. Though, don’t take apart your refrigerator unless you know you can fix it back as it can damage the unit and can even make the warranty void. It is advised to always contact a professional to clean your refrigerator components. If you are confident that you can finish the task by yourself, make sure to follow the instructions given in the user manual. If the compressor is just dirty, you can clean it up to make it work properly again, but if the compressor is too old or broken, it is best to replace it. 
    Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

  7. Fixing the other components properly:

    In case the compressor is working perfectly fine and the refrigerator is also placed evenly on the floor, the other components can be the source of the noise. Clean the drip tray and icemaker thoroughly and then place them properly in their place to prevent any rattling or any other type of noise from them. If you are not sure about taking out and cleaning the components yourself, call a professional to do the task.

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