How to Fix a Vacuum Cleaner if it has lost suction

If Vacuum Cleaner lost its suction
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If your favorite house help that is your domestic vacuum cleaner seems to lose its power and is leaving stuff behind and you are worried about the large amount of money you have to spend on it. Well, it’s better to ensure the following checks on the lost suction of your vacuum cleaner before you take it to repair:

1. A Filled Vacuum Bag/Canister not allowing further suction

It may sound a little lame, but if this is your first vacuum cleaner then there is a chance you must be unaware that the amount of dust also affects the power of suction. Vacuum Cleaner works perfectly when the suction system has ample space for airflow. It’s better to empty the vacuum bag or canister for efficient working.

2. Vacuum Hose is Jammed failing drawing of air

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The long flexible hose connecting the main vacuum unit to the surface suction setup is the vacuum hose. If you notice carefully, the outer surface of the hose has little zig-zag formations. These abrupt structures help to increase the hose life. But as a disadvantage, the hose is prone to get clogged by large dirt through these formations. The easiest way to clean the vacuum hose is to detach it from both the units and pass a metal wire throughout its length. Don’t forget to attach it back properly to avoid any other vacuum leaks.

3. Surface Unit Rollers are Jammed

Vacuum Cleaner surface roller used in dirt suction
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If it’s not the overflowing bag or clogged hose, it is the jammed vacuum rollers that are actually responsible for collecting the dirt particles from the floors and carpets. These rollers have brushes intact which entangle the dust in. These rollers are placed on a set of bearings which help them to rotate uniformly. You have to check if the bearings are rusted or the roller is broken. A broken roller will keep stopping and will leave behind the dust partially. You can replace a new one easily without going up to a repair center.

You can choose the best surface rollers for your vacuum cleaner here-

4. Vacuum Pressure is Leaking

The whole working principle of the vacuum cleaner is clear from its name only. If the whole setup is not airtight, then it’s likely to get its suction lost. Make sure The vacuum hose is not broken from its edges or the connection hubs of the hose may not be sealed.

You can use duct tape in order to maintain the vacuum of the entire system.

5. Electric Motor is not Working providing less suction power

The motor present in the vacuum cleaner is the essence of the whole unit. It may be the biggest reason behind your vacuum cleaner losing its suction ability. The electric motor present in the vacuum cleaner is attached to a fan. This fan operates in the opposite direction which creates a negative pressure in the machine. If the electric motor is affected, it may decrease the suction ability of your vacuum cleaner. It is recommended to replace the motor and bring the cleaner back on track.

We have helped you with all the possible reasons why your vacuum cleaner is not performing at its best and how you can fix it at your home. However, if you are thinking that you don’t want to do all the hard work and taking it to repair will cost as much as it takes to buy a new one. And if you are planning to buy a better one, here are some top recommendations to look out-

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    Thank you for sharing these incredibly helpful tips on fixing a vacuum cleaner that has lost its suction power! I never realized there were so many factors that could contribute to this issue. Your detailed explanations and solutions for each problem are greatly appreciated. Plus, the recommendations for alternative vacuum cleaners are a fantastic addition. This guide will surely save many from unnecessary expenses. Great job

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    I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to invest in professional backflow device inspection services when it comes to your home. Taking shortcuts might seem cost-effective, but it can lead to bigger problems down the line. With this experience, I’ve learned that it’s worth trusting the experts.

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