Refrigerator light not working: Top reasons behind it

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We all know there is a light inside the refrigerator that turns on when the refrigerator gate is opened. And at some point, we all have tried to close the refrigerator door slowly to see the light go off. But what happens when the refrigerator light fails to turn on after opening the door? Do you know if it affects the working of your refrigerator or not? Do you know what could be the causes behind your refrigerator light not working? No? Let’s find the answer to what are the effects and reasons behind your refrigerator light not working. 

Does a refrigerator need light to work?

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No, the refrigerator does not need the light to work. The interior lights are installed just to help you identify the items stored inside the refrigerator easily and quickly. So, if the light stops working for any reason, it will not affect the functioning of the refrigerator but still, it is necessary to get it fixed. 

These are some recommended refrigerator bulb and door light switch options for you: 

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  4. Generic Refrigerator Door Light Switch
  5. Appliance Oven Refrigerator Bulbs
  6. uxcell Refrigerator Door Light Switch

Top reasons behind your refrigerator light not working

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Though the broken interior light doesn’t affect the functioning of your refrigerator, it does affect convenience. Therefore it is compulsory to find out the reason behind the issue and fix it as soon as possible.

Now, there can be numerous reasons behind your refrigerator light not working such as the following: 

  1. Defective power supply:

    It can be possible that the light is not working simply because it is not plugged in or because the power is not reaching it. Also, make sure to check the power cord for any damage and replace it if you find any issues with it.

  2. Broken light switch:

    Some refrigerators have a door-operated push button that turns the refrigerator light on and off. If your refrigerator also has such a push button and the light is not working, the first step will be to check if the button is damaged in any way. You can also disconnect the component and then check it separately. If the switch is broken or if there is no power continuity in its two positions, then you need to either repair it or replace it. 

  3. Fused bulb:

    It is also possible that the issue is with the bulb itself like completion of its lifespan or sudden power issues. The sign of the bulb going bad is a broken filament inside it, that can be seen from naked eyes. If the light inside is not working, check the bulb and make sure that it is in the right shape. If there is any problem with the bulb, you can simply replace it with a new one. While getting a new bulb be sure to get the right bulb i.e., the one that is compatible with your refrigerator model.
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  4. No power to the light bulb socket:

    The bulb is screwed into a socket for it to work. If the light is not working, you should check the voltage present in the socket. In case there is no voltage, you will be required to change the socket. You can do it either on your own with proper precautions, or contact a professional. 

  5. Faulty circuit board:

    The circuit board is located in the control panel of the refrigerator. Usually, a reed switch is fitted in the appliance and this switch can fail sometimes. If this happens, the light inside your refrigerator will stop working, and thus it is necessary to get it fixed at the earliest. 


When you notice anything that is not normal with your appliance, it is best to get it checked and fixed at the earliest. Refrigerators are a big appliance and can face many problems over time. But if small issues like interior light not working are not taken care of on time, it may lead to bigger issues which will cost a lot to fix. Therefore, when you notice your refrigerator light not working, check for the above-mentioned reasons and contact an expert to get it repaired. It will save you long-term damage and probable appliance failure in the future.

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