Oven not working after self cleaning: causes and solutions

oven not working
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A self cleaning oven is one which cleans itself when you set it on the cleaning mode and thus becomes perfect for use after that. There are many types of self cleaning ovens available in the market and they are definitely the latest ones out there. However one problem which is often observed with them is oven not working after self cleaning. Yes, sometimes, an oven may stop working after the process of self cleaning. The following are some of the main causes and well as solutions for this issue:

1. Broken insulation wires

CAUSE: The basic idea behind a self cleaning oven is that it becomes so hot that the heat itself cleans off residues and other particles that are left inside.  Usually the controls and wiring are made to withstand heat but sometimes the high temperatures may burn them up and also the insulation wires. Repeated heating may result in wearing out or breaking down of these wires and this may cause the oven to stop working.

SOLUTION: The only solution for this is to get the wires replaced. Self cleaning mechanism may be used sparingly to avoid this issue.

oven problems

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2. Oven door not unlocking after the cycle

CAUSE: Another thing that may happen when oven not working after self cleaning is oven door not getting unlocked after the cycle.

SOLUTION: For this you can try out a few things.

  • Firstly, wait long enough after the self cleaning cycle before you try to open the oven.  If the oven has not cooled down enough, the door won’t get opened.
  • Moreover, do not run a clean cycle if you do not have the time to cool it down properly.
  • Make sure you turn off the breaker to the appliance for a minute or two before reapplying the power again.
oven door not unlocking after self cleaning

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3. Check for power

CAUSE: Sometimes, problem with the power supply may also be the reason for oven not working after self cleaning.

SOLUTION: So check if power is reaching the control and if not, then you may need to replace the main control.  The main control board of an oven is that part which controls the bake and broil elements and also the digital display of the appliance. If no power is going to control then safety fuse may have blown.  You will need to check the fuse for continuity and if there is no continuity then you will have to replace it.

check fuse for continuity

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4. Heating elements not working, panel working

CAUSE: In some cases, the heating elements may stop working after a self cleaning cycle inspite of the fact that the panel is still working.  The most common cause for this could be an open or bad thermal fuse on the back side of the oven.

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SOLUTION: The only solution for this is to replace the thermal fuse to get the heating elements working again. For this, professional help can be taken.

blown fuseImage Credits: technicianbrian.com

It is important to use the self cleaning mode of an oven only once in a while and in rare cases. This mode may lead to oven not working and may cause other issues as well. If you are unable to detect the cause, then you can contact a professional from Mr Right for oven not working after self cleaning or other related problems.

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