Troubled with your noisy water radiator? Here are the solutions

hot water radiator installation
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Water radiators are extremely useful appliances which enable you to heat our houses. However in some situations such appliances may start showing problems and one of them is loud noise. A noisy water radiator is not just irritating for homeowners but also doesn’t let you enjoy uniform heating because the energy is wasted in the noise rather than distributing heat.  It is important to resolve the issue as it can prove frustrating and also indicates a serious underlying cause. If you too are someone who is troubled with the banging or hammering sounds that the water radiator makes, then this article will prove useful as it throws light on the causes as well as the solutions of this problem.

1. Inlet valve not open properly

REASON: One of the common reasons for a noisy water radiator is inlet valve not open completely.  In case of steam radiators, the valve should be either open all the way or all the way closed.  These days, structural settling has led to non sloping pipes for rapid drainage of the water which has become condensed.  Even inspite of this, the banging or hammering sounds take place in the radiators rather than the pipes.  This is due to the inlet valve not opening properly.

SOLUTION: To solve this issue, turn the valve manually to ensure that it is properly and completely open.

inlet valve

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2. Radiator not on sitting level

REASON: Radiators also tend to become noisy when they are not on sitting level or are pitched in the wrong way.  Basically all radiators must slant slightly towards the valve so that the water flows out conveniently.

SOLUTION: To avoid this problem or to solve the issue, place something like newspapers or thin books under the legs of the hot water radiators to increase the angle of pitch.

3. Trapped air doesn’t get out

REASON: One of the common reasons for noisy water radiator is trapped air not able to get out.  What happens is that the air goes inside the system from the fresh water which is added to the system on a periodic basis. The air which gets trapped keeps the system from getting filled to the top with hot water and this may lead to a pounding noise.  Moreover this may also keep the appliance from heating all the way.

SOLUTION: To solve this problem, radiators must be bled on a regular basis so that the trapped air goes out.  This can be done by opening up the special vents which are provided in the units.  This can be done using a screwdriver or certain special keys.

leaking trapped air

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These were the most common causes which lead to noisy water radiators. Now that you know the reasons or causes as well some of the ways to solve the issue, you can do this at home on your own. But a lot of us are not experienced with solving appliance related issues. In such a case, a professional must be contacted. There is no dearth of qualified electricians or technicians who have the technical know-how of solving problems like noisy water radiators. You too can contact them by reaching out to Mr Right services for general home appliances repair.

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