What is an Electric Bed Warmer?

What is one of the most difficult things to do during winters? It’s keeping your bed warm and getting good sleep. The heating systems keep the home warm but sometimes the bed is still cold to the touch. This becomes a problem as it makes it difficult to get an instant and peaceful sleep. There is a solution to this issue. Electric Bed Warmer or Electric Blankets. You can use these blankets either above your mattress or you can also cover yourself up with them. They instantly heat the place they are spread on to. These easy-to-use blankets also save on your electricity costs. So, let us know more about What is an Electric Bed Warmer, to make an informed decision whether to invest in it or not. 

What is an Electric Bed Warmer?

An electric bed warmer or electric blanket is an advanced blanket that has integrated heating wires that warm it up with the help of electricity. These blankets come in various forms as per usage such as under blankets, throws, over blankets, and duvets. These blankets can be used to preheat the bed before sleeping and also to keep you warm while sleeping. They use a very small amount of electricity ranging from 15 watts to 115 watts. Some of the latest ‘low voltage’ blankets use even lesser amounts of electricity i.e., between 12 watts to 24 watts. These low voltage blankets have thin carbon fiber wires that aids in keeping the bed warm by using low electricity. 

How does an electric bed warmer work?

The electric bed warmer is a combination of soft and comfortable blanket material and coil wires embedded inside it to provide warmth. The blanket material is usually made of acrylic and polyester, a mixture of which prevents any fire hazards. The blankets are plugged into an electrical outlet and also have a remote to control the temperature. You can set the temperature on high, medium, or low, as paper your preferences. 

These blankets have connectors at one of them and these connectors transfer the electricity to the entire interwoven heat wires to generate heat. The wires have a heat-resistant plastic coating on them and they maintain a steady flow of energy in the entire blanket. 

Many double bed blankets also come with a control system on both sides that enables you to have a different temperature on both sides. Some blankets also come with a setting where you can set them to turn off after an interval and then restart as per the settings. This setting exists to prevent overheating. 

Some recommended electric blankets that you can choose from:

  1. Utopia Bedding Poly Cotton 152×76 cm Bed Warmer
  2. Expressions Electric Bed Warmer – Electric Under Blanket
  3. Sunbeam Heated Blanket | Microplush
  4. Bedsure Heated Blanket Electric Throw
  5. Westinghouse Electric Blanket Heated Throw

Pros and Cons of an electric bed warmer

Just like anything else, these electric bed warmers also come with their own set of pros and cons. Let us have a look at the pros and cons of electric bed warmers separately.

Pros of an electric bed warmer:

Electric bed warmers or electric blankets are a heating system that only warms up the bed you are sleeping in and you. Though they are not like the using heating systems that we use, they come with their own benefits. Following are some of the benefits of using an electric bed warmer-

  1. Energy-saving: The electric bed warmers are very energy efficient as they keep you warm without you having to turn up your thermostat or run a heating system throughout the night. Though they don’t heat the entire room, they are very efficient when you are sleeping. They keep the bed warm while using very low electricity. They also heat up faster and keep you warm even after being turned off. The overheating protection feature automatically turns off the blanket, protecting you from extreme heat and also saving your energy bill. 
  2. Pain relief: Applying heat is the most common effective way of getting rid of the pain. The electric blanket keeps you warm and the heat produced by it also relaxes the muscles and reduces cramps. Though these blankets are not made for pain relief, the heat generated by them can help with minor pains and cramps by increasing the blood flow. 
  3. Better sleep: One of the biggest issues while sleeping in winters is the change in temperature even with a minor movement. The electric blankets maintain a consistent temperature, so even if there is a temperature change, your sleep will not be interrupted. As the body uses a lot of energy to keep itself warm, these blankets reduce the body’s stress and keep it warm. It helps in calming the mind, leading to better sleep. 
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Cons of an electric bed warmer:

Some of the main disadvantages of using these electric bed warmers are-

  1. Fire risk: Similar to any other electrical appliance, electric blankets are also a fire hazard. Leaving the blankets on for a longer period can lead to a risk of fire. However, the new models of the blankets come with an overheating protection feature that automatically turns off the blanket after some time. The older blankets are still to be used very cautiously. Therefore, remember to either turn off the blanket or set it to overheat protection while sleeping or while not using it. 
  2. Non-washable: One of the biggest disadvantages of these blankets is that they cannot be washed. To keep yourself clean and healthy, the bedding is required to be cleaned once every one or two weeks. But these blankets can not be washed as water or turning in the machine can damage the wires inside it. You can dry clean it or put a cover on the blanket. That way you can take off the cover and wash it at regular intervals. Remember to unplug the connector before taking the blanket for cleaning. 
  3. Safety issues: Electric blankets are not considered safe for small children, pets, the elderly, and quadriplegics. These are also not safe for those who cannot feel pain such as people suffering from diabetic peripheral neuropathy. The blankets can be used by the above-mentioned parties, but under proper supervision only. 


Consider all the pros and cons of the electric blankets and then think about your requirements. These blankets are easy maintenance, heat faster, are pocket-friendly, and last for around 20 years, if properly taken care of. Considering everything, it is a good investment for a good sleep during this chilly weather. 

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