8 spectacular room divider ideas for your home

Room dividers are great way to maximize space in a small room or divide a large room into sections. They not only provide privacy to an area but also add an element of art to your room. To add to the list, there are numerous room divider ideas, they are simple to install and do not alter the basic structure of your room.

If you’re looking for some remarkable room divider ideas, then here are couple of them:

Rustic rope wall

Take out the bundle of rope resting idle in your garage and weave an earthy divider for your room. (Image Source: www.cascadecoil.com)


Number plates divider

Give your living room a highway feel. Collect some old number plates and make a room divider out of them.

(Image Source: www.woohome.com)


Gramophone records divider

Give a musical touch to your room with a room divider made by hanging vinyl records in line. (Image Source: www.smallrooms.com)

Mandala Room Divider 045

Lush green plants wall

Bring some greenery and boundary in your living room with a lush green room divider.

(Image Source: www.housetohome.media.ipcdigital.co.uk)


Open shelf partition

Book shelves are  perfect to create sections in room. (Image Source: www.williampaid.com)


Old door barrier

Make the best use of what you discarded long ago. Use the old broken backyard door as an aesthetic room divider. Paint it new or keep its original raw look. (Image Source: www.digsdigs.com)


Simple curtain for room divider

Curtains are always popular room dividers. If you want to keep it simple and quick, curtains are the best and handy way to create sections in a room. (Image Source: www.hangingroomdividerdivider.com)


Famous hand crafted wooden room divider

What can never go out of fashion is the wooden handcrafted room divider. (Image Source: www.media.offbeatempire.com)


(Cover Image Source: www.interiorsbystudiom.com)

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