Basic types of bathtub

Types of bathtub

What can be more relaxing than soaking in a bathtub after a long day? A soaking bath is a simple and tranquil pleasure that releases all the pressure of the world.

There are different types of bathtub options available in market today. What you pick for your bathroom will depends on many variables:

  • Your personal taste i.e. the style, color and material you like
  • Size and structure of your bathroom
  • Style and design of bathroom
  • Budget

Here are some bathtub styles that you can consider:


Alcove bathtub

It the most common type of bathtub. It is fitted along a wall in bathroom which leaves useful space in the center of the bathroom. Faucets and shower are wall mounted and drains are available at either end. This bathtub style requires very basic exterior finishing which makes it most economical of all designs. (Image Source:


Corner Bathtub

Just like alcove bathtubs, corner bathtubs are designed to fit into a corner of the bathroom. Most corner bathtubs are five sided, with a triangular basin. They are designed in a way to accommodate two people bathing. Unlike alcove, not all corner tubs accommodate a shower. (Image Source:


Basic bath tubs

Freestanding bathtubs can be installed away from the wall, or even in the middle of a room. The bathing area is supported by feet or a decorative base. This is the most versatile style which does not require any special faucet drilling. But make sure that the floor drain and traps are pre-installed. The shower can be integrated into a free standing tub, but they are not very common. (Image Source:


Bathtub ideas for bathroom

Drop-in tubs also known as platform tubs are installed on a raised platform or placed into a cavity in the floor. Drop-in baths are supported from bottom and have a self-rimming edge topped with a water-resistant material. Drop-ins are difficult to install and the initial cost of buying and installing is usually higher than other models of bathtubs. (Image Source:

(Cover Image Source:

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