Top Home cleaning mistakes that must be avoided

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Who doesn’t love having an absolutely clean house? But achieving such an abode may not be possible for everyone because proper cleaning and maintenance requires time, energy and well, a little bit cleaning expertise. Most of us tend to make certain home cleaning mistakes which keep us from achieving high levels of tidiness in the house. If you wish to avoid these mistakes, you must first familiarize yourself with the most common ones. They are given as follows.

1. Trying to do it all at once

Most of us try to clean the entire house with all the corners in one go but this is almost impossible. Not only is this too unrealistic but aiming for it doesn’t ensure cleanliness of even one of the parts. So trying to achieve the thorough cleanliness of the entire house all at once is a cleaning mistake one must avoid. It is rather a better idea to pick one part or room of the house and prepare yourself for it.  This will enable you to put your entire focus and concentration on that area.

2. Mixing all the cleaners together


A lot of people make the mistake of mixing all the home cleaners together, thinking that it may lead to better cleaning.  Mixing cleaners like bleach with ammonia can lead to a chemically dangerous mixture and thus must be avoided.  Infact it is better to create your own home cleaning solutions which are not only much safer but more effective as well.

Avoid mixing home cleaners together

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3. Spraying disinfectants before cleaning

Another home cleaning mistake that must be avoided is spraying disinfectants on surfaces before cleaning them. What happens is that when you first spray disinfectants and then cleaners on surfaces, both tend to get combined and resist the dirt and dust to get dissolved and hence come off the surface.  Thus it is a better idea to first remove the dirt and then spray the disinfectant.

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4. Starting from the bottom and then going up


One of the best cleaning advise that you can ever get is to first tackle the upward areas of rooms, houses etc and then move down. But many people commit the grave mistake of cleaning the bottom first and then the upward areas.  If you do this, then you are only creating more home cleaning work for yourself since when cleaning the upper parts, dirt etc tend to fall on the bottom surfaces.

avoid cleaning bottom before top while home cleaning

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5. Not allowing the cleaners to soak in completely


Another cleaning mistake that you must avoid is not allowing the home cleaning solutions to soak in.  The spray and wipe method is really not allowing you to achieve proper cleaning and must be totally abandoned.  You must always give some time for the cleaner to soak in the surface before you use a sponge or cloth on it. The time recommended for this is about a minute or two.

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