How to polish wood to retain its shine

how to polish wood
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A wood furniture is a favourite piece of decoration in any household whether it is a furniture, floor or some other stuff you have at your home. When they are used for years, loses their shine over time, even you still hold your fondness for them and this makes you take good care of them. A little bit of polishing can make your wood furniture look new. With the right method and advanced cleaning products, you can polish wood very well at home and get back their lost charm. Here is how to polish wood with the help of a few homemade methods you can try out- for example

Use olive oil and white vinegar to polish wood

Get a mixture of olive oil and white vinegar and collect it in a bottle. Make sure you use more olive oil than vinegar in the composition.

Use olive oil and white vinegar to polish wood

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Always choose a small corner of your wood furniture to see the effect before addressing the whole item. If you see it gives positive results then apply it in the whole furniture. Next step is spraying the solution on a damp clean cloth and polish the wood furniture. It serves both the purpose as vinegar has a strong acidic compound that cleans and polishes at the same time.You will notice an instant shining on the wood furniture.

Daily cleaning is important

A daily cleaning is also very important when it comes to maintaining your wood furniture or wooden floor. 

daily cleaning is important

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Of course time to time you get them properly cleaned with various cleaning agents and another natural manner. Place some mats like materials or pads under the wood furniture so that they can be protected from any amount of scratching. Otherwise no matter how hard you try; your efforts to polish wood will go in vain.

Keep wood free from dust

Dust is the first thing you should get rid of when you are going to clean your wood furniture. Always keep a dusting brush handy so that the moment you see any dust you can clean them. Use a good quality vacuum cleaner and adjust a dusting brush so that you can avoid scratching.

Keep wood free from dust

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A clean microfiber cloth can be an alternative if you do not have a dusting brush. When you use any artificial cleaning product to polish wood, however always see if the product suits the finish on your furniture.

Know the finish of your wood

Knowing the type of finish on your furniture is crucial when you want to polish wood. If you expect your wood furniture to come out clean and shining, this is very important. You just cannot use any other cleaner found in the market. Get information about different types of finishes including wax, varnish and unsealed ones. Some important information about how to treat different wood finish types-

  • When it comes to unsealed finishing, they should not be left damp, and when you apply the clear, do not apply it directly to the wood furniture, use a dry cloth and wipe it out properly.
  • When you get varnish wood to clean, keep in mind that they are water sensitive.
Know the type of finish on your wood

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When you get a tough stain on your wood furniture, then you must use an active cleaning solution. Take a slightly damp duster to clean them when you do a regular cleaning.

  • Wax finishing requires a soapy wood cleaner, look for such commercially recommended products in order to polish wood of this type.
  • However, when you want to polish wood with a paint finish, it requires fewer efforts. They are not over- sensitive and a regular solution prepared with washing liquid to rub it.

Wood furniture can last long if taken proper care. No doubt, nothing can surpass the beauty of quality wooden items at home. Apply these household tips about how to polish wood and clean them without spending much in this festive season of the year.

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    Buff away excess polish with a clean cloth. Repeat the process if necessary, allowing drying time between coats. Maintain the shine by regularly dusting the wood with a soft cloth or feather duster. Avoid abrasive cleaners and rough materials that could scratch the surface. Adhere to manufacturer instructions and safety precautions. Here’s the review.

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