Prevent plumbing issues in kitchen sink

A clogged kitchen sink is a nightmare. Many times you can face plumbing issues in kitchen sink because of mere carelessness.

We ourselves make some mistakes while working in kitchen and ultimately land up paying heavy amounts to the plumbers. The most common mistake we make is pouring down hot cooking oil, greasy food item into the kitchen sink. As the cooking oil and ghee cools down, they solidify and stick to the pipes. Over time more food items stick to the oil and grease and block the pipe completely. Other wrong thing which we do is pass seeds and bigger pieces of vegetables, fruits and other food items through the sink. With time it all food debris gets collected at the bottom of the drain and block the pipes later.



These helpful tips should help you in fixing plumbing issues in kitchen sink and keep your kitchen running efficiently:

  • Never ever pour down oil, Ghee and other greasy items down the sink. Always soak the leftover oil in a paper towel or tissue and throw it in the garbage can.
  • Do not allow bigger pieces of food matter to drain through the sink, even if they can pass through the sink hole. Collect them and throw them in the garbage bin.
  • Wash non-veg food items in a strainer to avoid any bone or flesh to pass through and get stuck in the sink.
  • Regularly flush your kitchen sink with boiling water. This will help loosen any food matter or grease stuck inside the pipes.
  • Foul odor can build up due to rotten food items stuck in the sink pipe. Flush the sink with one bucket solution of boiling hot water, detergent and lemon juice. This will clean up the pipes and remove the foul smell. But it this does not work use mild chemical drain cleansers availabe in market.
  • Keep the sink clean and remove any food item stuck in holes using a cleaning brush.

We can prevent a lot of home repair problems just by being more careful and using the home appliances correctly.

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Be careful! Live happily!

Team Mr.Right

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