Five Different Types of Floors and Their Proper Cleaning Method

If there’s a part of your home that is most vulnerable to dirt, dust, and other debris, it’s your floor. Thus, you should make sure that you do regular cleaning of it to keep its spotless look and to get rid of those germs that can ruin the health of the members of your household.

However, there are various types of floors, and that means that there are also different ways of cleaning for every floor type. That’s why you should know what kind of flooring you have in your home and what cleaning method will be appropriate for it. You can take some clues from the following list of cleaning tips for that purpose.

Linoleum Floor

Typically, cleaning linoleum floors require a steam mop. However, if you don’t have this cleaning implement, a microfiber mop can do the job of making your linoleum floor look spotless.

The first step of cleaning linoleum floors is to remove marks that settled on its surface by the use of a grade steel wool. Then, you must put on a mix of dish soap and water on the surface, and wipe it with a mop that you have. A mixture of water and eucalyptus oil can also get rid of stains and dirt, and to prevent a sticky surface.

Carpet Flooring

For you to clean a carpet flooring properly, you need to have a vacuum and run it over the surface once or twice a week. The vacuum is an excellent cleaning appliance that can get rid of dust and other microbes that settled on your carpet.

If your carpet has stains, on the other hand, you need to get a carpet shampoo, and then put it on the surface of the carpet.  Use a hard-bristled brush for you to remove the stain from it. Then, dry it for some minutes.

Vinyl Flooring

Spritz-and-dry mopping technique is one of the most effective methods to clean a vinyl floor. Using this technique will sure make the appearance of the vinyl flooring fresh and clean.

For basic cleaning of vinyl floors, you need a combination of dish soap, lukewarm water, vinegar as a cleaning solution. Put the solution in a spray bottle, and with it, spray the mixture onto the floor and wipe it with a mop or cloth as you go.

For thorough cleaning, on the other hand, you should use a steam cleaner to get rid of stains and microbes from the vinyl flooring.

Slate Floor

Slate flooring is one of the hardest types of floor to clean and maintain. But if you know the basics of the proper way to clean it, you’ll get to know that it’s not as tricky as you first think of it. With a mop, a light broom, and a cleaning solution of warm water and vinegar, you’ll now be able to keep it looking spotless.

The first step of cleaning a slate floor is to sweep the dirt and dust off its surface with the use of a light broom. After you finish sweeping, put the mixture of vinegar and warm water onto the floor, and wipe it using a mop to remove the dirt and dust that dried onto the surface.

Hardwood Floor

There are several finishes of hardwood floors, which means that you need to apply different cleaning methods for different finishes. But the most common finishes are the wax and polyurethane.

For hardwood floors that have a wax finish, stay away from using water to clean the dirt off its surface. Instead, use a broom, dust mop, or vacuum for it.

For polyurethane-finished hardwood, on the other hand, you should use a microfiber wipe and a blend of mild soap and water to get rid of the dust and other microbes from the floor. Don’t use vinegar on hardwood floors with polyurethane finish because it will cause the finish to fade.


Cleaning your floors regularly is a must. But before you do the cleaning, you should know what type of flooring you have at home and the proper cleaning method for it. You can follow form the list tips mentioned above for that purpose.

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    Great article thanks! I particularly like the part about cleaning your slate floor. Adding a little vinegar definitely works as it’s how I’ve been cleaning our slate floor in the kitchen for some time. The vinegar cuts through the grease and dirt very well.

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