Must have gardening tools for beginners

gardening tools for beginners
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Every profession or hobby has certain tools or elements which you need to have to in order to pursue it. The same is true with gardening. If you are new to gardening then you will need certain tools that will help you in your pursuit.  There is no end to the kind of tools you can have when it comes to this field but you need to be selective and precise about the ones you will need. To help you with this, we have brought a list of the must have gardening tools for beginners:


Pruners are used to cut off the branches and weeds and are scissor-like in their shape.  These tools are also used to harvest flowers and vegetables and come in various types. Some of these types include bypass pruners, anvil pruners, anvil loppers, bypass loppers etc.  If you are new to gardening, then this is one of the must have gardening tools for you.


Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons


2. Garden Shovel

Another must have gardening tools for beginners is the garden shovel.  This is the main digging tool without which no gardener, especially beginners can function.  It can be used for either digging new garden beds or to shovel new dirt into the garden beds or the holes.  Remember that a good garden shovel is one which has an easy to hold handle.

garden shovel

Image Credits: Flickr


3. Garden Weeder

Another essential gardening tool for beginners is a weeder. A weeder or a dandelion weeder appears like a screwdriver which has a flat large head.  Some people also call it a digger because its main purpose is to dig out weeds from the garden beds.  It is a highly useful garden tool which is indispensible for any gardener.

4. Garden hoe

For new gardeners, a garden hoe too proves to be highly essential.  This tool too serves the purpose of digging out weeds from rows lying between plants in the garden or from garden beds.  It is better than a weeder since it has a larger surface area and is more effective as far as removing tougher grasses is concerned.


A cultivator is a gardening tool which resembles a tiny fork.  Its size is similar to that of a weeder which is about 7 to 8 inches long.  This tool too is used to get close to the garden bed and to remove weeds from there.  It can be used in areas which a garden hoe cannot reach and hence proves useful for beginners who have less expertise in removing weeds from difficult areas.

6.Garden gloves

Another essential for beginner gardeners is gardening gloves.   Working with soil and weeds can prove to be a dirty affair and this is where the role of gloves comes into play.  They not only protect you from the dirt but also thorns and other such pointed materials.

Hope this list of must have gardening tools for beginner gardeners proves useful. Make sure you have each before you begin your profession or hobby as a gardener.

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