Backyard Improvement Projects for Any Budget

Backyard landscaping requires a lot of time and creativity but not necessarily tons of money. So, if you’re hoping not to go bankrupt while you make a few improvements in your backyard – good news – you won’t have to! Just because you want to add a few trees, hang lovely lights or maybe even build a fire pit, you won’t have to break the bank for it. Just follow a few simple suggestions and you’ll be able to make a wonderful backyard makeover on budget.

Plant flowers

Colourful flowers and massive trees will add texture and colour to your backyard, so think about enriching it with plenty of greenery. Don’t limit yourself to planting two or three plants, but go bigger and plant en-masse. Keep like varieties together and find two or three inexpensive plants to fill an entire bed with. Invest in perennials because they get bigger and more attractive every year, and you won’t have to invest in them annually unlike in annuals. Buddleia, Coneflower, Kangaroo Paw, Sage, and Veronica are some of the choices you should consider for your backyard if you want to make it lovely and low maintenance.

Hang string lights

When it comes to lighting that’ll set the mood but also illuminate the outdoors, all you need is an extension cord and string lights. Social gatherings and at-home-dates can become a lot more relaxing and intimate with string lights sparkling. Make sure you choose the lights that are intended for outdoor use, get nails, staple gun or adhesive, and you can start placing the lights wherever you feel they’ll make a great ambience. Run them between trees or light poles, or maybe install them along the beams of the patio. To create a welcoming atmosphere consider investing in single-colour strands. Solar path lights are quite affordable as well, since all they need to work is the sunlight. They’re more convenient because you won’t have to run power lines or hook them into a power source.

Add seating area

Every outdoor living area must have a comfortable furniture where you can enjoy your cosy afternoons, weekends or cocktail parties with your friends. Therefore, think about enhancing your backyard appeal with durable, comfortable patio furniture. Aluminium furniture is one of the best choices because it’s rust-proof and lightweight. It will withstand harsh climate and moisture. Wood looks beautiful, but it will take a lot of treating, sealing and painting.  You can even arrange for your patio to be a lovely little nook where you can rest, have fun or just enjoy the sounds of the outdoors. Add an inexpensive outdoor rug to make the seating area even more attractive. Set up durable retractable roofsabove your seating area to add some shade to your yard and have a pleasant little area to sit in even during rain. A welcoming outdoor area can be set up with a small outdoor kitchen, where you can prepare meals for the entire family and even friends if you decide to have a fun dinner party.

Build a fire pit

To warm up your outdoor nook, think abut building a fire pit. It can instantly transform your plain looking backyard into a comfortable elegant niche. A do-it-yourself is a much affordable option than the one including professionally designed fire pit, so think about investing in a portable fire pit. If you’re a handy homeowner, you may be able to build a fire pit on your own and save yourself the money of paying handymen to do it for you. And, in this way, you will also offer your home a more attractive solution than the portable fire pit.

Improving your backyard doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, as long as you’re creative and handy. Consider placing a comfortable seating area, plant some colourful flowers, hang string lights and warm up the backyard with a fire pit, and you’ll have a lovely outdoor setting to enjoy with your family and friends any time you like.


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