Design and decorate your small garden landscape

Small garden landscaping ideas
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Garden is a necessary thing as it gives a very positive feeling at home whenever you see your plants. You can relax in your garden and it can be used for many amusements works. Having a small garden is a necessity at home. If you are living in an apartment now a day you can even buy grass and plant it on your balcony. Even though you don’t have enough outdoor space at your home, you can be creative enough with whatever amount of space you have for your garden landscape. The smallest of the landscape backside of your house, a patio or a small lawn can make a great garden. You can bring magic if you have a good imagination. With smart use of lighting, or putting distinct colour in your small garden or with minimal accessories you can put in a small place of your house and give profound effect and make it an enjoyable place.

Here are some small garden landscaping ideas which will be helpful for you to create a garden of your own. If you are blessed to have a free garden landscape in the form of a patio or any small free place in outdoors, you can turn them into a gorgeous place of living.

Create a garden landscape made of gravel stones

Gravel, a kind of small stones and pebbles is the trend going on when it comes to decorating your garden landscape. They are minimal maintenance small garden yet spreads a beautiful look and affordable compared to bricks. One advantage is that the gravel allows rainfall to pass through the soil.

garden landscape made of gravel stones

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Focus on trees

If you have large trees backside of your home, then you can think of creating a beautiful garden landscape around it. Under the trees, you can keep table and chairs and covered the area with flagstone. It could be a wonderful place for relaxation. However, you should be little careful here not to raise the ground around the base of the tree.

Creating a small pond could give bigger effect

You need not necessarily to have a large backyard to create a garden landscape. You can think of creating a water garden to handle a wet corner of your small garden. You just need to do some digging in that area and create a pond and install a pump and your water garden is ready. It will attract colourful butterflies and birds. Plant water lily type of flowers in the water garden and it will brighten up the whole garden landscape.

Creating a small pond could give bigger effect

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Putting fence

You can add a low fence to every planting bed so that you can double the number of flowers and vegetables in your small garden. Even you can grow vine crops in your garden landscape. That way, you can grow vine crops in a vertical manner and it won’t affect the growth of other vegetables.

Creating a wildlife like atmosphere in your small garden

If you choose the kind of flowers birds and butterflies love, then you can create a wildlife in your small garden. Together if you add a bird feeder and birdhouse it will double the beauty of the garden landscape.

Creating a wildlife like atmosphere in your small garden

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Installing a mowing strip

This you can do for the purpose to give an extra look to your garden landscape and it will help you to keep the weeds away and will provide a minimal maintenance garden path you can walk comfortably looking at your garden. It offers you a mud free, clean and effortless way to overlook your small garden.


Installing a mowing strip

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Add some vibrancy

You can add an oversized gate at one end of the garden to give it a different feel. It will act as a centre of attraction for all. It will make your small garden look larger. Also, it will support some climbing flowers.

Create curve walkways

This is a wonderful way to give a new meaning to your small garden. By creating curve walkways, it creates a feeling of space in your garden. It always gives better look than a straight path and it will give the visitors a feeling that they are walking in a large landscape. Make sure you make the path comfortable for two people walking simultaneously. This will create an appeal.

Create curve walkways

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Emphasis on pots

Collect as much as you can diverse types of colourful pots and planters in your garden landscape full of flowers and fragrant herbs. Scented flowers and diverse types of colourful flowers will enhance the beauty of the space and additionally, you can think of fixing a teak bench surrounding them. A large terracotta structure you can put here in the form of the bowl to give a different effect.

Think about the seasons

When you decorate your garden landscape keep in mind that how it is going to look in the four seasons of the year. Choose perennial flowers that can give beauty to your small garden in all seasons for example tulips.

Concentrate on the shady backyard if you have any

Shady backyards look great on the scorching summer afternoon. But they offer a very dark and dull look. You can work on improving the view of your garden landscape by adding colourful pillows, fabrics, outdoor rugs and pots of unusual colours and styles. So, this will turn into a colourful spot.

Hide the garbage in the backyard

You can try to do a little camouflage here. Try making a wooden structure around the garbage so that they cannot be overlooked. This will reflect an organized look in your small garden.Get some stylish wooden panels to hide the garbage bins.

Hide the garbage in the backyard

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Outdoor plants are to be kept

Whether you are developing your first small garden, or you are already an expert, it is sad to see your garden plants dying. You cannot kill them, they are to be nurtured, to be sustained. Get some easy to grow plants in your small garden and keep them nurturing every day, take care of them maintain them.

These small garden landscaping ideas will provide you adequate insight to develop your little garden.

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    My mom recently moved to a new neighborhood, and she wants to decore her small garden. I really like the idea of how a fountain to handle a wet corner. She will be a thrill to install a solar water fountain on her garden.

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