9 Tips for Preparing Your House for Sale

Selling a house can take a toll on you. Naturally, you want to sell fast and pocket the best deal. However, capturing more traffic, tipping the buyers to make firm offers competitively, and negotiating to strike the best deal is not as straightforward as you may expect. Even in the most competitive markets, you still have to employ some tricks and tips to make a fast and profitable house sale happen. This may begin with a simple step like visiting Hauzisha and checking the types of houses for sale in Nairobi, their prices, common features, and what makes a listing stand out. If you are looking for hacks to speed up the sale, here are a few tips to help you prepare the house for sale.

1.   Clean, clean, and clean again

Floor-to-ceiling cleaning can’t be emphasized enough as you prepare your house for sale. Buyers want a space that feels comfortable and safe, not a health hazard. If they have to navigate through a pile of dirt to check out the bedrooms, your effort to sell has already lost a significant edge. So don’t just take the garbage out; scrub the floors, clean the walls, and give the ceiling some love. It helps if you hire a reliable and reputable cleaning service to ensure you thoroughly clean the house.

2.   Cut the smells

Smoke and smell, among other air pollutants, make a house unsafe. After all the cleaning, for example, you might be left with the smell of the cleaning agents. Open the windows, improve the air circulation, and if need be, consider a portable air filter you can take with you after the sale. Imagine losing a buyer who loved your house because they had to leave fast due to an allergy reaction, especially if they have asthma? Improving the air quality is easy yet the most overlooked aspect that can help optimize the house and sell fast.

3.   Depersonalize

Your unique taste and style define your home, but not everyone will like that persona touch. Buyers want to get a feel of how the house matches their lifestyle. Depersonalizing and making the space more neutral makes it easier for their imagination. You could lose a buyer due to a simple aspect like an art piece that distracts their imagination.

4.   Declutter

As you depersonalize, don’t just eliminate those unique pieces. Decluttering makes it easier to showcase the house’s gems. You can even consider renting a storage space if you have a lot in your house. Focus on creating an optimal flow, a sense of more space, and neutrality. Buyers will have an easier time imagining their home design and how they can fit in the house, which helps you attract more competitive offers.

5.   Repairs

If you haven’t considered a house inspection, now is the time. A house with many structural flaws won’t just take more time in the market. It won’t fetch a good price as buyers use the flaws to gain a negotiation edge. Make a repair to-do list to ensure those minor details like doorknobs replacement don’t slip off your mind. Even the least repairs can help fast-track the house sale at a better price.

6.   The appeal

A fresh exterior and interior paint go a long way in creating the best first impression. Give it some love if you have an outdoor space, such as tending to the flowers. You don’t want the house to stick out like a sore thumb or the bathroom and kitchen, among other spaces, to look old and tired. Spice up the looks to attract more buyers and keep them hooked.

7.   Create more space

Organize the garage and basement, among other rooms, especially storage spaces and others you hardly use. The more usable square inches the house offers, the better the price, and it could help you sell fast. Organizing the spaces doesn’t have to be chaotic. You may only have to stuff some items in packing boxes to keep them in place and showcase more space that is also clean.

8.   Highlight

Is your house well-lit? Do you have some spaces you would like to highlight? Staging is crucial as you prepare the house for a sale. With hacks such as improving the lighting scheme, you can spice up the house, improve its functionality, and appeal by highlighting the focal points.

9.   Imagine…

You’ve done the work and believe the house is ready for the market. Walk around the house; while your objectivity isn’t the best, given your attachment to the house, the evaluation can spark your imagination and pick up on areas that may do with some improvements.

Preparing your house for sale can take some time and energy. Nonetheless, considering how the measures help speed up the sale and allow you to pocket a better profit, they are worth it; start with the above tips.

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    Everything you say is bang on. I love you no holds barred attitude. We do this every time we get ready to list our home, yes it’s a ton of work, cubes 2048 and yes it’s worth it.

  5. 5

    Your blog post providing 9 recommendations for getting a house ready for sale is a thorough resource for homeowners in this position. Your suggestions, which range from eliminating clutter and depersonalizing to improving curb appeal and staging, are useful and doable. Homeowners may increase their property’s market value by taking advantage of these tips.

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    Before listing your house, thoroughly inspect all plumbing fixtures, pipes, and connections for any signs of leaks. Leaky faucets, dripping pipes, or water stains can raise concerns for potential buyers. Take the time to fix any issues you find, as this will demonstrate that your plumbing system is in good condition and can help boost the overall appeal of your home.

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    It’s a very nice blog that I will definitely come back to more times! Thanks for informative post. If you want to make your home looking Awesome then Visit JB SAEED

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    Also, remember to check your HVAC system and do repairs if needed. Weird sounds or odors can stop people from buying your house. If the sytem is old, consider replacing it – adding a new HVAC can increase in your home’s resale value, which will raise the overall market value.

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    Including a water feature in your home’s exterior renovations is a great idea. If you want your home to feel more like a resort, add a water feature on the façade. A pool, fountain, or water wall, no matter which you pick, can greatly enhance the appearance of your home and create an environment of warmth and welcome in your backyard.

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    Your work is really good and I appreciate this information. I forever prefer to read quality and glad I found this thing in your post. Thank you for the comprehensive article.

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    As for improving air quality and eliminating unpleasant smells, here’s one more important thing that most of us forget – air duct cleaning. Over time, air ducts get filled with dust, mites, bacteria, and debris emitting an unpleasant odor and causing allergic reactions.

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    By the way, even if you don’t have any ideas about creating more space in your house, you can make your home visually seem bigger :) Using different types of lighting does this job well.

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    Thank you for sharing this! Also, remember about things such as a heating and cooling system. Anyone will prefer to buy a house with new or at least well-functioning HVAC systems. After all, we all know what discomfort unexpected breakdowns in this regard can bring.

    So, consider upgrading your system if it’s old, or just do some repairs if it’s pretty new. You may also want to consider replacing your system with high-efficient SEER or AFUE-rated units. These days energy efficiency is what people aspire to.

  19. 20

    You might also want to change your windows and doors before selling your house because it’s one of the things peoplepay attention to. You can check windows and doors brampton and see their services. When I was selling my house, the buyer said that windows look just amazing and he will be glad to live in a house like mine.

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    When working on your home’s exterior, also think about adding some kind of water feature. A water feature on your exterior can make your house feel more like a resort. No matter which one you choose: a pool, fountain, or water wall – it will extraordinarily enrich your exterior, creating an inviting and welcoming atmosphere in your outdoor space.

  21. 22

    Hi there,

    Thanks for sharing your suggestions.

    Preparing your house for sale, also remember about home security. A sense of security is what people are looking for when buying a house. A security system including solid door locks, an alarm system, and security cameras will add value to your home.

  22. 23

    Good suggestion! Another investment in your home that will provide an excellent return on investment is an HVAC system upgrade.
    Yes, not all buyers will notice a new and up-to-date HVAC system, but they’ll certainly notice if the system is old or broken. And if you have an older home without central AC, you can bet that the lack of a central AC system will be a red flag to many prospective buyers.

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      Consider installing a fountain or other water feature as part of your home’s exterior renovations. You may transform your phrazle home into a tropical retreat by adding a water feature on the outside. Whether you go for a water feature like a pool, fountain, or water wall, it will greatly enhance the appearance of your home and provide a more pleasant and relaxing mood in your backyard or other outdoor area.

  23. 25

    Improving the level of energy efficiency in a home can be another important way to add value. Financially, improved energy efficiency will save you and any future residents money on energy bills, and can help you qualify for a variety of tax breaks.
    Plus, saving energy is important to many people who are socially conscious, so it will appeal to people on multiple levels. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to make homes more energy efficient, including smart technology, energy-efficient windows and doors, Energy Star rated appliances, and more.

    • 26

      That’s right. As for upgrading to Energy Star appliances, consider replacing those ones at first that are constantly used in your household. Like, for example, AC and furnace. Pay attention to air conditioners with a SEER rating and furnaces rated by the AFUE ratio. In both cases, the higher the rating, the lower the energy consumption.

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        Good point!
        Only an Energy Star certified air conditioner can cut energy bills by up to 30% – this will be a huge advantage for environmentally conscious people.

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    Oh, right. Lighting works wonders. And landscape lighting is also important. A well-placed landscape lighting can emphasize the home’s best features.
    According to the “Most wanted things” list, 41% of people said that proper exterior lighting is a must-have, and 49% said it is desirable.

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