Tips to get rid of different types of kitchen odours

kitchen odours
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Kitchen is one place in the house which can be a source of various kinds of odours in the house. These mysterious odours can be present not just in the kitchen area but also tend to spread to the other parts of the house quickly. It is important to find the source of the odour so that necessary actions can be taken to prevent and get rid of it.  The following are some tips to get rid of different types of kitchen odours.

1.Getting rid of odours coming from the refrigerator

The refrigerator is usually the main source of the smelly odours coming from the kitchen. To get rid of them, check whether some fruits and veggies have gone bad or whether items have reached their expiration date.  Get rid of any foods which are no longer of use and have been stored for a long time. To expel the smell, wipe the refrigerator walls using white vinegar and place a box of baking soda with several holes to absorb the bad smell.

refrigerator smells

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2. Getting rid of food related odours

Cooking foods in the kitchen can also sometimes lead to development of certain types of foul odours. To make sure these odours do not persist, you can place a bowl near the stove and fill it with household vinegar. This will absorb all the odours and keep the kitchen odour free.

3.Oven related smells must be expelled

Another type of odours that may seem foul in the kitchen are oven related smells. Cooking or warming certain foods in the oven can lead to these smells. In order to get rid of them, you can spread some salt on the areas where food tends to fall inside the oven.  Let the salt sit for sometime and then wipe it away. Usually spilled liquids or burnt foods can lead to smell coming from ovens.

4. Expel smells coming from the drains

If your sinks tend to get full then the drains can give out a bad smell.  In order to get rid of smells coming out from drains, you can pour down a mixture of ½ cup water and ½ cup household bleach. Let this solution be there for about 1 hour and then run it over with cold water for some time. This will help remove the bad smell from the drain completely.

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5.Burnt odours must be removed too

Another common odour type coming from the kitchen is burnt odours. If these odours come out of microwave, then to remove them, you can mix 1 ½ cups of water with half chopped lemon pieces as well as 5 cloves. Place this mixture in a microwave friendly bowl and boil it. Let it cool and then wipe the microwave from inside. Leave the microwave door and allow the remaining foul smell to release.

Image Credits: Wikipedia

Image Credits: Wikipedia

Follow these tips to get rid of different types of kitchen odours and never have a foul smell in the house again.

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