Some details about the types of dishwasher

types of dishwasher
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The dishwasher is an important kitchen appliance helping you to save your energy and time. Before buying it, you must know how each of the types can help you to clean your utensils depending on your size and look of the kitchen. Below is a list of different types of dishwasher and their installation related details for your information-

The compact dish drawer dishwasher

If you have compact space in the kitchen, little space in the kitchen then this is an ideal choice. For small dishwashing loads, this dishwasher type works the best. It is flexible to be used in places where the washing area is small. They are adjusted in the kitchen cabinets and come as either a two-drawer or single drawer dishwasher. They come both the sizes, tall and wide.

The compact dish drawer dishwasher

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The versatile freestanding dishwasher type

This is the common form of the dishwasher popular among householders. These kinds of dishwashers can be installed under a counter or can be placed on their own. The flexibility of this dishwasher type is that they can be installed either in a finished top and front.

Fully or semi-Integrated built-in dishwasher

This dishwasher type is called built-in dishwashers, come in fully integrated or semi-integrated form. Depending on your kitchen look, you must choose one which suits your requirements.

The hidden fully integrated dishwasher

It comes under the type of fully integrated dishwasher type where the front of the machine gets integrated into the kitchen cabinets and they match each other.

The hidden fully integrated dishwasher

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The semi-integrated dishwasher

This is a perfect dishwasher type for the kitchen as it can be placed perfectly on the bench top without any gap. Though the front side may be looking different from your kitchen cabinets, yet this is the only way you can use them putting it under a benchtop.

Slimline, small & compact dishwasher

There are homes where the kitchen area is quite small and you have to carefully choose your appliances. This kind of small, slim and compact ones are good for small kitchens as they come in a normal range of 45cm wide and take nine place settings. However, in case of extra small kitchens, you have to choose a 4 place setting one. A compact dishwasher type comes at a lower height compared to a free standing model. As far as their dimensions are concerned, the standard one comes in 600mm wide, 600mm wide, 820mm high and 600mm deep and it will cover 12 to 14 place settings.

The disadvantages of a countertop or benchtop dishwasher type are that they have less capacity compared to a fully integrated one. They are ideal for bachelors or any single family with two people.

Slimline, small & compact dishwasher

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You must choose from the colour and finishes when buying a dishwasher. The stainless-steel ones are very popular and hence you should prefer them. When it comes to finishes, the colour should be matching to your kitchen cabinet.

Freestanding versus integrated

You have to choose between the two options whether a freestanding or an integrated dishwasher type, you should invest your money into.  Freestanding dishwashers are commonly found in the market and they are popular because of that they can easily be adjusted in the place of any previous model or you can fit them into a new place in your kitchen. They are very flexible and have a visible door and you can easily access them. One advantage is that you can get lots of models with this type of dishwasher leaving you spoilt with options to choose the most convenient one. Also, you have that the advantage of choosing them as per your budget also. Because of their portable size, they can be easily taken with you as you move from place and place. The only shortcoming is that they do not go well with your kitchen units.

Integrated models

Integrated dishwashers are kept hidden and, so it depends on how to want your kitchen to be looked. If you want a well-fitted kitchen with uniform, look then this dishwasher type is an ideal choice as they will be hidden behind the cabinet doors. Some semi-integrated models are completely hidden expect a control panel lying visibly on the top of the door for you to access easily. To streamline your kitchen, they are a perfect choice but they are difficult to move while you shift as they are fixed structures.

Integrated models

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It is not a luxury item, it is quite an essential item now a day as time has changed and females have started working and therefore they need a fat appliance like this to reduce their effort of cleaning utensils.

This is a useful guide about the types of dishwasher you want for your kitchen.

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