How to use a hair dryer

hair dryer usage
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A hair dryer is an appliance which as the name suggests is used to dry your hair and style them in several ways. It is a commonly used appliance, which is also often provided by hotels to their customers. Since most of us have used hair dryers atleast once in our lifetimes, we do not consider them difficult to handle or use. However with certain tips and tricks, you can use them in the most appropriate way without damaging your hair or the appliance. The following points will be useful for those who wish to know how to use a hair dryer.

1. Check the hair dryer before using

The first thing to do is to check the hair dryer before you use it. Whether new or someone else’s it is important to check the cord for any exposed wiring as well as the dryer for any broken parts. If you observe any of these, then it is advisable not to use it at all due to risk of current or shock.

2. Avoid using hair dryer near water

It is true that most of us use hair dryers to dry our hair and it is usually kept in the bathroom for this purpose. However it is best not to use it near water due to risk of shocks.  Avoid using this appliance somewhere it can fall into water or bathtub while on the ON mode as that could lead to serious dangers.

3. Clean the lint trap

There is a lint trap on the back of the hair dryer which must be cleaned on a regular basis. This will not only ensure cleanliness of the appliance but will also prevent overheating and will thus ensure a long life.

4. Use a moisturizing product

To avoid any damage to your hair due to the heat that comes out of a hair dryer, you can consider using a leave-in conditioner or a special moisturizing product on your hair. Apply any of these before you use heat on your hair.

5. Hold the blow dryer away from your hair

It is important to hold the blow dryer about 8 to 10 inches away from your hair. Holding the dryer too close can pose a risk to your hair and may damage them due to excessive heat.  Besides damaging hair, too much heat exposure can be bad for your skin, ears, forehead and scalp etc.  Also use a low heat setting when using the appliance to minimize the harm. Keep moving the hair dryer as you blow heat from it to dry or style your hair. This will not overexpose a certain scalp or hair part to the heat.

using a hair dryer from far away

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