What Is a Tankless Water Heater?

All modern people surround themselves with modern gadgets, devices, and other inventions of the technology industry. They are required to make our lives easier, after, and more productive when it is possible. Thanks to smart appliances, people can feel comfortable at home. One of them is a tankless water heater.

Some people are unaware of this useful and vital appliance. They ask – What is a tankless water heater? We can quickly provide them with the answer.  A tankless water heater is a special device or system that helps to heat water in a blink of an eye. You only need to turn it on and your water will be heated.

This type does not have a tank or boiler. Water is not stored and heated in it all the time long. If you use various devices at once (for example, a shower and dishwasher), you may quickly run out of water because its amounts are limited. However, it is not a serious drawback. Water will get reheated in some 10-30 seconds. We will disclose this topic in more detail.

On Pricing

One of the first things people ask about when they consider a tankless water heater, is its price. How much does it cost? Is it profitable to buy, install, and use this home appliance? Our answer is positive – You surely should install a good tankless water heater at home. It has a number of advantages you will surely like. Of course, the prices are not always cheap. Nonetheless, you have a rich choice and so you will be able to choose from them to find a beneficial option.

The cheapest tankless water heater costs $300. You should agree that this price is more than attractive. Of course, more expensive options are more dependable and their quality is higher. Some of them cost $2,1000 and even more. You are not obliged to buy them. Perhaps an option that costs $600 will be sufficient for your household.

Besides, it is an investment that pays off in a long run. As you will acquire a tankless water heater, it has no tank. It means the water will be contained and heated in it all the time long. Thus, you save up money on energy billing. It helps to save from $40 to $200 every year. It goes without saying that it pays off pretty well.

Moreover, you may install a solar tankless water heater. Thus, you will save much more. The average price for this unit ranges from $1,500 to $6,600. The sum is pretty impressive, isn’t it? Here again, we should think about a long perspective. This type of tankless water heater helps to save from 40% to 80% every year. Accordingly, it is a very profitable investment.

What Are the Main Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater?

We have already mentioned the potential to save up your money on energy billings. In the meanwhile, this great home appliance offers other benefits for you. We will review them here below.

Long Service

One of the most important differences between a tankless water heater and its analog with a tank is longevity. A tank-storage water heater serves for about 5-10 years. In the meanwhile, its tankless analog may function from 10 to 20 years! Many manufacturers even give a lifetime warranty for their appliances because they are 100% sure they will serve that long.

High Level of Dependability

Tankless water heaters are very dependable and safe appliances. It is unlikely that any water leak or water damage will ever take place. Of course, you are supposed to cleanse it regularly from heavy metals and minerals. The frequency of this procedure depends on the hardness of your water. It is soft, this procedure will be less frequent.

A Low Risk of Explosion

If you use a tankless water heater, there is almost no chance that it will explode. It uses a special valve, which rids off the harmful exhaust. Accordingly, the risk of the explosion is minimal.

It Saves Space

Another crucial benefit for many people is the size of a tankless water heater. Its name speaks for itself. It has no boiler and so, it is very small compared to an analog with a boiler. Thus, you may freely hand it anywhere, and will not require much space.

Moreover, you may opt for an outside tankless water heater. It is water-resistant and withstands mild winds and temperatures. If your region does not have severe frosts, hand it outside. Thus, it will take no space in your house.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

You should always review all the appliances you intend to buy from all angles. It is fair to ask about the possible drawbacks of a tankless water heater. Indeed, we can name a few of them. The first one is a higher upfront cost.

Compared to units with a tank, a tankless water heater costs about $300-$600 more. However, we do not think it is a serious disadvantage. As we have mentioned above, it’s a good investment in the future. It will pay off a lot because you will save up money thanks to the low consumption of energy.

Another possible inconvenience is the possibility to run out of hot water. It may happen under certain conditions. As there is no boiler, water gets heated right in the pipes on your demand. If you use various appliances that require hot water simultaneously, hot water may run out. Thus, you will have to wait for several seconds until it gets heated again. However, this inconvenience is not serious, and you will get hot water in some 10-30 seconds.

The Last Words

If you want to have hot water on demand, you should definitely buy and install a tankless water heater. There are various manufacturers, which are quite reliable. All high-quality units have a number of crucial advantages that were highlighted in our informative review. Make sure you check them all, and thus you will make the right decision.

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