Where to position your indoor air purifier?

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Considering the increase in the level of air pollution these days, using an air purifier has become kind of a necessity. Before deciding on which air purifier is the best for you, looking into some top-selling air purifiers is a must. While looking for an air purifier, choose the one that has most of the must-have features for an air purifier. But, once you get the air purifier, the biggest question is where to put it. Not every place in your house is ideal for placing an air purifier. There are numerous factors that you need to consider before deciding on a place for the air purifier. So, let us see what are the points to keep in mind while deciding where to position your indoor air purifier. 

Guide to where to position your indoor air purifier

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Getting a good purifier with the best filter, probably a HEPA filter, and a pre-filter, preferably activated carbon, is the first step in getting clean indoor air. The second is to find a suitable place for it to be kept. The place where an air purifier should be placed is affected by many factors that impact its performance. Acknowledge all the affecting factors before positioning the air purifier to get the optimum results. On account of this, let us look at the factors that affect your decision of where to position your indoor air purifier in detail.

1. Level of pollution:

Air purifiers should always be kept at a place in the home with the highest pollution level. The location with the highest level of smoke, mold, pet hair or smell, etc. will be ideal. Placing the air purifier near the problematic source helps in reducing the pollutants at a rapid speed. The main filter will clean the minute pollutants and the pre-filter traps the bigger particles and the odor in the air. 

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2. Size of the room:

The size of the room in which the air purifier is placed is a deciding factor in both buying and positioning it. If your purifier is suitable for a smaller room and you put it in a big room, it will not be able to clean the air efficiently. On the other hand, if a purifier made for bigger spaces is placed in a small room, it will consume too much energy that is not required. So, check the capability of the air purifier before buying and place it in the right place accordingly. 

3. Level of airflow:

An air purifier needs proper airflow to clean the air inside your home properly. Moving air also lifts pollutant particles with it, making it easier for the purifier to suck the air in and clean it. It makes the work of an air purifier less stressful and faster. Therefore, keeping the air purifier near a window or door is the best option. Also, placing the air purifier near the entry site of outside air will help in capturing the pollutants as they enter the house, preventing them from mixing in the entire indoor air. 

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One more thing to remember is that good airflow is necessary but, the system should not be overwhelmed with air. So, if you are keeping the air purifier near the windows or doors, make sure that they are not permanently open. An open window or door brings in too much air and pollutants along with it. If the doors and windows are always open, the air purifier will keep on cleaning the air coming from outside constantly but, the air might never be that clean. Also, because of this, the air purifier will not be able to clean the indoor air efficiently. If you want to place your purifier near open doors and windows only, make sure that your air purifier is of high-quality and high power. 

4. Avoid corners and obstacles:

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While keeping the air purifier near the entry point is good, placing it in the corner is a bad idea. When you keep your air purifier in the corner, its vents are blocked, negatively affecting its functioning and performance. It is recommended to keep a distance of at least three feet between the air purifier and the walls or furniture on all sides. Keep the area around the air purifier obstacle-free to ensure proper airflow and avoid any risk. The more free space the air purifier has around it, the more efficient and faster it will work. 

5. Height from the ground:

The indoor air circulates in two ways, horizontally or vertically. So, to get the entire air inside your home clean, the air purifier must be able to easily reach the air moving vertically as well as horizontally. Vertical air i.e., the air circulating from floor to the ceiling is easily accessible. But, to access the horizontal air, the air purifier must be placed a little higher from the ground as the hotter the air gets, the higher it goes. Therefore, it is best to position your air purifier at least 3 to 5 feet higher from the ground. You can get a wall-mounted air purifier for better efficiency. Small air purifier units can be placed on a table or desk suitable for the purpose. 

6. Level of humidity:

When there is too much humidity, the air becomes heavier. It will require the air purifier to work harder to clean such heavy air. Heavy air means improper airflow and reduced filter capacity of the air purifier. It means increased pressure on the air purifier and too much pressure on the system, its efficiency reduces. The parts of the house with the highest humidity are the kitchen and bathroom. But, they are also the parts that need air purification the most.

The best solution for this issue is to combine the air purifier with a dehumidifier. Using a dehumidifier will reduce the strain on the air purifier by managing the humidity level. The humidity level is highest in the kitchen and bathroom area. Use the air purifier in these places when you are not using them actively, preferably during the night. It will help in managing the efficiency of the air purifier. You can also get a system that is a combination of the air purifier and dehumidifier.

7. No electronics nearby:

One very important thing to keep in mind is to never keep your air purifier near any other electronic items. Many electronics use wavelengths to function. If they are placed near the air purifier, they will interfere with each other’s functioning. A minimum 5 feet distance between air purifiers and other electronic items is recommended. 

8. Keep it moving:

If you have a portable air purifier, you can move it around the house, to get clean air throughout the home. You can keep the air purifier moving as long as it is getting proper airflow. In case you don’t want to get multiple air purifiers for your home, just move the one you have to different areas for a specific amount of time. It will help in efficiently cleaning all the indoor air without spending too much money on multiple systems. 


Once you get the air purification system, placing it in the right place is a crucial matter. Always consider all the positive and negative points before deciding where to position your indoor air purifier. Right positioning means the best performance, so it is as important as deciding which system you need.

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