Bring home a Samsung automatic washing machine this new year

Samsung automatic washing machine
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Many of us are contemplating to do something new in this new year. You can think of upgrading your old washing machine by buying a new automatic washing machine to lessen the burden of washing clothes. and you must be saving money for this for long. needless to say, this is a good idea to invest in an automatic washing machine because it is a daily need. An automatic washing machine is the demand of the day. A Samsung automatic washing machine could be a front loading one or a top loading one. It comes with some impressive features to decrease your effort while washing your clothes. Let us see what are the features the Samsung automatic washing machine inherits and how to utilize them in the best manner.

Here is a short guide on how to use Samsung automatic washing machine-

Safe washing for delicate clothes

With its Active Wash+ system, which incorporates a dedicated sink, you can be tension free while washing your delicate clothes. This feature implies that it provides a convenient space to hand wash your delicate items and also it has the capacity to pre-wash heavily dirty clothes for better cleaning. This Samsung automatic washing machine features a built-in water jet on the side, which you can stop at your wish.

Active Wash+ system,

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Easy to handle

The door of this Samsung automatic washing machine is easy to open and close. It is a very smooth lid which does not give you any problem by sticking anywhere. With its tempered glass window, you can view the washing without opening the lid.

Easy to handle

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This automatic washing machine is known for its durability and it has the capacity to withstand any scratches and damage, which itself ensures its long-lasting nature.

Goes soft on clothes

This Samsung automatic washing machine goes soft on delicate clothes with its Diamond Drum feature, which gives it a unique “soft curl” design with smooth, diamond-shaped ridges. It has certain small water exit holes, which works for the protection of your delicate fabrics and minimize the risk of trapping or damaging your clothes during the wash.

Superb filtration and easy cleaning

This Samsung automatic washing machine contains a Magic Filter which picks up the lint, fluff and particles that are released from your clothes, and it helps your laundry to stay clean. Thus, it protects your drainage to get clogged.

Superb filtration and easy cleaning

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Provides freshness to the washer

This Samsung automatic washing machine incorporates the Eco Tub Clean technology, which retains the freshness of your washer without using any strong chemicals. It will automatically send you signals when it needs cleaning


Water Saving!

This is a water-saving automatic washing machine with its 3D Dynamic Wash made by Samsung’s Wobble technology™. It tremendously increases the washing power and saves water to remove dirt and pollution from water.

With this automatic washing machine, you can expect a guaranteed cleaning, because it features the Wobble Pulsator, which washes the clothes with both vertical and horizontal water flows. It produces three-dimensional water currents to completely remove the dirt.

This Samsung automatic washing machine consumes less electricity also because of its increased washing power. The Wobble Pulsator it contains gives you almost dry clothes as you take it out form the machine. It inherits the Air Turbo Drying System™ which strongly rotates the washing machine drum to squeeze out more water from and thus reduce the drying time.

It is always advantageous to know how to use Samsung automatic washing machine in advance because you can get the maximum benefit out of it without waiting for anyone’s guidance.

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