The features of Samsung front load washing machine and how to use them

how to use Samsung front load washing machines
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The Samsung front load washing machine is too simple to use. You just need to load your clothes into the machine and your job is done. One advantage of this front load washing machine is that it comes with an extra window, which helps you to add clothes which you may forget to add during the wash. This is called Samsung AddWash Washing Machine and you can enjoy this facility to lessen the burden of your busy life.

The features of Samsung front load washing machine and how to use them

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Apart from it, you can pre-wash any item which is delicate and add any fabric softener while the washing going on. Let us discuss how to use Samsung front load washing machine and enjoy the benefits-

Washing in cold water and thus consumes less energy

This Samsung front load washing machine can wash a large number of clothes at a low temperature as low as 15 C and thus help to save energy. This front load washing machine uses Eco Bubble™ technology, which enables the Bubbles to activate detergent and thus it quickly reaches the fabric and does the cleaning faster.

Superb stain removal capacity

You just need to press the button on Bubble Soak technology in the Samsung front load washing machine which helps to remove the most difficult of stains that does not go away easily. The clothes are completely soaked in bubbles, which helps to loosen the stains and thus they get removed easily.


This Samsung front load washing machine accommodates a Digital Inverter Motor which makes it energy efficient yet capable of delivering strong performance.


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It creates less noise compared to other machines. This machine offers you a guarantee of 20 years life fortified by a 10-year warranty.

Care for delicate fabrics

This Samsung front load washing machine comes with gentle care facilities for delicate clothes. It goes gentle on your fabric with its Diamond Drum’s unique “soft curl” design. This machine has small water exit holes which protect your clothes from getting trapped inside.

Ceramic heaters and energy efficient

The Samsung front load washing machine possesses ceramic heaters which prevent the building up of calcium compound and thus help to save electricity, help the special detergents to dissolve faster. Because of this quick-heating ability, this front load washing machine consumes less power and saves your electricity bill.

Protect your machine against voltage fluctuations

The Volt Control facility of this Samsung front load washing machine help to safeguard your machine from the disaster caused by sudden power fluctuations. This front load washing machine stabilizes the voltage fluctuations of ±25% and automatically restarts the machine after a power outage.

One touch machine

You need not have to frequently monitor this front load washing machine to adjust the functions. With just one touch you can complete all your functions.

Chemical-Free Drum Sanitization

The Samsung front load washing machine comes with Eco Drum Clean technology to keep your washer fresh and clean without using harsh chemicals. You will see an automatic notification when this front load washing machine needs cleaning.

Diamond Drum's unique “soft curl” design

Chemical-Free Drum Sanitization

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The Quick Wash program of this Samsung front load washing machine you can rely on if you lead a busy life. This front load washing machine produces cleaned clothes quickly and efficiently, thus allow you much time to concentrate on other things in life.

Compact in size

The Samsung front load washing machine is available in three depths — 550mm, 530mm and 450mm —making it compact and enable you to adjust it anywhere you want. Whether you live in a big house or a small one, it is designed to fit in a special laundry room or even in your kitchen.

The front load washing machine has a stunning look and a user-friendly control panel. With its VRT plus technology, it washes will less noise and vibration. You should not have to think twice before loading your clothes midnight.

The demand for a front load washing machine is on the rise due to their intensive cleaning capacity. Now they have become more popular because of their water and energy efficient nature. A front load washing machine also consumes less detergent compared to a top loader.

If you know how to use Samsung front load washing machine it will help you to run it effectively just by reading the guidebook.

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