Common reasons why your camera won’t focus

camera wont focus
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Cameras are not just meant for professionals but also for enthusiasts and almost everyone as they help us to capture our memories forever and give us a medium to record special moments.  There are many useful functions and features of cameras but one without which you can’t do is the focus feature. Whether it is automatic or manual, without the proper focus, it is difficult to get perfect photos. However in certain cases your camera won’t focus and you need to know these in order to avoid the situation. The following are some of the common reasons why your camera won’t focus.

1. Low light conditions

REASON: One of the most common reasons why your camera won’t focus is because of low light conditions.  Camera won’t be able to see well enough to focus on the desired subject and this can ruin the shot.

SOLUTION: The best way to tackle this issue is to either make use of AF assist lamp or a tripod. You can set your camera at slow shutter speed in order to capture the shot even in low light conditions and get the best focus. Switch to manual focus if the autofocus still doesn’t work properly.

image out of focus due to low light

2. Obstructions like glass or wire

REASON: Another reason why your camera won’t focus is because of obstructions in its path such as wires, glass and others.  For example if you are at the zoo and trying to focus on an animal, the mesh wire may come in between and make it difficult for the camera to focus.

SOLUTION:To solve this issue, either try manual focus and find an area where two wires don’t come between your shot or block out all kinds of reflections if the obstruction is glass.

mesh wire in between

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3. Close up/macro shots

REASON: Another reason why your camera is unable to focus is because of close up photos or macro shots.  When you get too close to the subject then the autofocus gets confused because of the shallow depth of field or close range.

SOLUTION: As a solution,  it is a good idea to switch to manual focus rather than autofocus.

close up/macro shots

Image Credits: Shaw Academy

4. Close and fast action

REASON: Another cause why your camera won’t focus is because you may be shooting fast and close action. When the subject is moving, then due to its constantly changing position, you may be unable to focus properly.

SOLUTION: In this case, rather than manual focus, autofocus could prove to be a better option. Also, it is better that you use a steady surface such as a tripod stand for better results.

Close and fast shots

Image Credits: Carrin Wright Photography


5. Low contrast conditions

REASON: Another reason due to which your camera wont focus is low contrast conditions or scenes. For example if you try clicking a photograph of a red colored call against a red background, then the camera will find it difficult to focus. What happens is that the camera needs contrast to lock focus as it otherwise cant find out the edges to differentiate.

SOLUTION: To avoid this problem, try placing the object on one of the focus points. If it still doesn’t help, then try manual focus instead of auto focus.

low contrast conditions

Image Credits: Masteringphoto

If you have tried to consider the above given points and taken appropriate steps but still not able to focus on your subject properly, then the reason could be a fault with your camera. You can contact professionals to help you with this issue. Reach out to Mr Right for camera repair or general home appliances repair.

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