Know how important it is to choose the right ceiling fan for your home

choose the right ceiling fan for your home
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While choosing a ceiling fan many times people often purchase the wrong fan for their homes and it gives unnecessary problems later on. In a majority of cases, either the fan does not spread cool air evenly in the room or causing unusual noise. In order to get the amount of cooling you want, you should get the right ceiling fan for your home. This blog shall overlook such aspects and will guide you how to choose the right ceiling fan for your home-

Measuring the size of your room

As per the standard notion, small fans are ideal for small rooms and big fans are for bigger rooms. If you aim to get the highest amount of efficiency and enjoyment from your fan, then you must get the right ceiling fan for your room.

You must maintain the standard ceiling height of 7’-9’ while installing a fan from the ceiling. The general guidelines are explained below-

  • For rooms with 80 square feet or less, choose a ceiling fan with blade span of 24 – 42 inches
  • For rooms with 100 – 150 square feet, the blade span proportion should be 44 – 50 inches
  • For rooms with 150 – 300 square feet, it should be 52 – 60 inches
  • Rooms over 300 square feet, the bade span should be 62 inches. Otherwise, use two fans

Check out the place where you want to install it

Mostly fans are placed in the centre because of the easy flow of air to the room. Rooms larger than normal will require 2 fans for maximum airflow.

Check out the place where you want to install it

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You must remember not to install a ceiling fan over a bed for safety point of view. If you are installing a ceiling fan in the outdoors, the choose a wet rating fan which can bear the direct exposure to the elements of nature.


Check out the place where you want to install it

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If you are installing it in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room then get a damp rating one to bear the pressure of humidity and moisture. If it is for drawing room or bedroom, then pick a dry rating fan.

Safety aspect

The ceiling fan consumes the same amount of power as other ceiling fixtures do. You must remember that the circuit is not overloaded due to this. If the fan shares the circuit with other appliances like lights, then you must check this matter properly. If the circuit is not capable of holding two fixtures, then a new circuit must be connected from the home’s main panel to the ceiling fan. Ceiling installation set up will be required for your fan to hang. Call an electrician to do the necessary.

Give emphasis to quality

Always buy a quality fan to avoid any frequent trouble. A cheap quality fan will not circulate air evenly to the whole room. The speed, the angle between blade and horizontal and design are their determinants of the right ceiling fan. They come with strong motors which ensure greater speed and air movement inside the room. Apart from that, poor quality fans release a humming noise which is annoying.If you are looking for the right ceiling fan with energy efficient capacity, then you must spend some bucks.


if you are on a limited budget, then you can think of buying a traditional ceiling fan to give you the average comfort you require. These are often used in rental properties. If you are buying it for your own use, then buy a good quality one. If you are looking for a fan with beautiful style and good finish, which combine both conventional and modern qualities, then you can go for a reasonably priced ceiling fan available in the market. They are ideal for commercial offices, apartments, and homes.

Consider your home decor

This is a vital thing that you must know how to choose the right ceiling fan for your home matching to your home decor. The right ceiling fan must match the theme of your living room, the colour and design. Consult with your designer or the manufacturer in the market depending on the kind of look your house reflects.

Consider your home decor

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Choose the kind of control

  • A fan with a basic pull chain is suitable for a low ceiling area which you do not use that much
  • A fan with a wall control is ideal for living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens.
  • A fan with a remote control is good for the bedrooms and the areas with a high ceiling.

In short, a right ceiling fan must combine the style, speed and comfort. Choosing the right ceiling fan for your room will ensure the durability, comfort and safety of your room. A right ceiling fan will help you save electricity bill.

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