Silent is the New Premium in Ceiling Fans

(A sneak-peak at Orient Electric’s positioning and capability to dominate the premium ceiling fan market)

It’s been a long and hot summer and we eagerly await the arrival of autumn (and subsequently winters). But until then, we’ll just have to make use of what we have to create the quiet, cool, and comfortable space we all want in our homes. Here’s the situation so far: it’s a July night. The air is warm and humid and the only way to get restful sleep is to get a fan that won’t keep you up at night.

What’s worse is having a cooler or a ceiling fan that (granted) does provide a steady flow of cool breeze but sounds like a helicopter hovering right on top of your bed. Some are used to the noise, but for most, the sound of noisy fans is enough to keep them up or break their peaceful sleep. What there can then be a solution for such needs?

An ideal ceiling fan usually covers all areas of functionality such as aesthetics, power usage, silent operation and air flow/ throw. Thanks to the continuous evolving technology, even in the field of fans, today we are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a ceiling fan for our homes. And Orient Electric has been leading the way in this direction. Their innovation in the areas of noiseless, streamlined air channels and aerodynamic technology, the company has created a new segment of premium ceiling fans that provide the highest amount of airflow and are impressively good looking as well.

Back in May 2018, we were invited by Orient Electric to visit their assembly plant in Faridabad. This plant also happens to be the only plant in India capable of producing more than 7 million fan units per year. We wrote about our entire experience here. We were fortunate enough to be invited for another tour to the plant. As always, we were excited to learn what new announcements or products the company has up its sleeves this time.


Now as many who are familiar with Orient Electric would know, the company is one of the biggest brands in consumer electronics. You can read more about the company here.

On the day, we joined a team of handpicked bloggers and social influencers at the plant reception area. We were 30 min ahead of schedule so we took our time to take some close-up shots of the various fans on display (at their exhibition hall). Soon, we were greeted by the company’s marketing team who gave helped us settle for the presentation.


After a brief intro and Q&A rounds, we were take inside the plant. You can read about our experience of visiting the assembly plant here. Sadly, photography is partially allowed only in select areas and strictly prohibited inside the plant.

After the guided tour, we came back to the exhibition hall where we spent good amount of time understanding about the numerous ground-breaking technology Orient Electric has put in its new AeroSeries of fans. Their latest additions – AeroStorm and AeroCool continue to mesmerize consumers and have been a huge hit. Let’ take a look at why the AeroSeries of fans have been performing so well (at homes and in the market) and how Orient Electric has carved out a niche for itself in the industry.

Why AeroSeries? Why now?


Orient Electric wanted to challenge and change the way we look at ceiling fans in our homes. With increasing disposable incomes, most families are looking for something more than just a regular fan. The AeroSeries range takes a progressive approach towards the role of ceiling fans from just being a regular household commodity to a designer yet extremely efficient appliance hanging on the fifth wall. It’s what the Orient Aeroseries of fans are precisely designed to do.

Features to Flaunt

With the AeroCool, one of the most feature loaded and best performing AeroSeries fans, Orient Electric has been able to achieve something right out of a science-fiction movie. The AeroCool provides the highest air delivery in its segment but at the same time reduces noise by up to 60%. It’s like the perfect practical application of the phrase “hitting two birds with one stone”.


The Orient Aerocool flaunts a smooth and streamlined design that beautifully complements any contemporary interior. The Aerocool packs an aerodynamic profile with features such as rust-free blades, airflow delivery of 300 CMM (the highest in the ceiling fans segment), 18 pole heavy motor and high gloss premium PU finish. Its blades are made of high-grade compounded glass-filled Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (aka ABS) which is extremely light, heat resistant, bend proof, rust proof and very clean.

What’s the big deal about noiseless fans? Why the need now?

When we’re too used to things even when they’re not perfect, we just try to adjust and accept the situations how they are. Every room on our homes have ceiling fans. Some rooms, for example the living room, generally have more than one ceiling fan. We interact more with these fans more than any other appliance in our homes. It sometimes causes hindrance in normal conversations and acts as barrier while doing any other work as the noise constantly disturbs people in the room.

Orient Electric wants to change that. The AeroSeries of fans are designed to not just look good but actually make our home peaceful and serene, to the point that we don’t even realize they are rotating. Replacing a noisy fan with a silent fan such as AeroCool can make a huge difference in the way we do pretty much everything at home.


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