Most common causes of blurry photos

blurred photos
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Whether it is digital camera or DSLR camera, phone cameras or action cameras, photography has become a much more common hobby among people now than it ever was.  We love clicking the perfect pictures and capturing special moments but every once in a while we ask ourselves ‘why is this picture so blurry’. Well getting a few blurred photos out of the many clicked is pretty common and happens to everyone. But it is important to understand the reasons and causes of blurry photos in order to correct them the next time. The following is a list of some of these common causes:

1. Blur due to movement of subject

REASON: Motion blur is the most common cause of blurry photographs. Motion blur is nothing but movement of the subject at the time of capturing the shot. This is usually the result of low light conditions due to slow shutter speed.  If the subject is moving and the shutter speed selected does not capture or freeze the moments, then the photo will appear blurry.

SOLUTION: For this, make sure your shutter speed is set fast to avoid blur. Also  you should have sufficient light to click the photo. If you are clicking in low light conditions, make sure you have a tripod stand or a stable surface.

blurred photo due to motion

Image Credits: Flickr

2. Improper holding of the camera

REASON: Another one of the common causes of blurry photos is improper holding or handling of the camera.  If you have a firm grip, then this would avoid shaking of the camera and hence prevent blurry photos.

SOLUTION: It is important that your hand is steady so that the camera doesn’t move or shake. Infact you can also use a tripod stand or a firm surface for the camera to click photos, especially in low light conditions.

improper holding of the camera

Image Credits: Wikipedia

3. Dirty lens

REASON: It is a fact that if your lens is dirty, then it could result in blurry photos. Greasy marks mist and smudges can lead to improper photos which may appear blurred.

SOLUTION: To avoid this, make sure the lens of your camera is always clean. You can buy a lens kit to maintain and clean your lens on a regular basis.

dirty lens could lead to blurry photos

Image Credits: Pixabay

4. Wrong focusing

REASON: If you are focusing your camera wrong on the manual focus setting, then this too could be a reason that your camera is clicking blurry photos.  This usually happens in point and shoot cameras where the preferred focus is the centre of the frame.

SOLUTION: To solve this problem, make sure you focus the camera right and do not move the camera once focused.

wrong focussing

Image Credits: Pixabay

5. Depth of field

REASON: Depth of field is basically the area of focus in a picture which is near to the far sharpness in the photograph.  A shallow depth of field has a little area of focus and the other areas thus remain blurred. This happens when you make use of a wide aperture or when you are a little too close to the subject.

SOLUTION: Make sure that the depth of field is not too shallow while clicking pictures.

shallow depth of field

Image Credits: Flickr

Now that you know the most common causes of blurry photos, you can take the right steps to avoid getting them. If your camera is showing blurry photos then you can get it checked professionally by contacting Mr Right for general home appliances repair or camera repair.

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