Haier automatic washing machine and how it functions

how to use haier automatic washing machine
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A fully automatic washing machine is everyone’s choice because it leaves you with less work while washing clothes unlike with a semi-automatic one, where you will need to take out clothes and dry them out separately. Haier is a quality automatic washing machine brand which features a digital display of control panel and rust-free body.

The Haier automatic washing machine comes with a clean design with a user-friendly control panel. It features 6 preset wash programs with four buttons for customization including program selection, on/off, pause/play and child lock. The display will let you know how much time it will take to get your laundry out form the machine.

This automatic washing machine has a good water flow capacity cleaning clothes from all directions. The detergent dispenser is also a good one which you will need to add in the slat before you run the machine. The water inlet pipe is considerably smaller, yet it is effective, you need to have a water tap close to your machine in order to enable to use the water pipe. The dimensions of Haier automatic washing machine are standard enough at a 50*88.2*51 to fit into any slot. It has a plastic structure and therefore free of rust. Additionally, it comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

Haier automatic washing machine and how it functions

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The Haier automatic washing machine has a plastic drum works effectively compared to a steel drum. It will be an advantage for you if you live in a high salt content area it will prevent corrosion on your machine. The lint filter is large enough to be cleaned occasionally, not every day. Here is a complete guide on how to use Haier automatic washing machine with care.

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How it functions

The Haier automatic washing machine just requires connecting the water inlet to a tap, adds your clothes and detergent and runt he machine. Water will continually pour in the clothes till the time they are submerged in water. It takes 41 minutes to complete the default process of washing once you turn it on. Noise level is considerably lower with this automatic washing machine throughout the duration of washing period.

This automatic washing machine comes with a quick wash button which helps you tow ash your clothes within 11 minutes of emergencies.

how it functions

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When you have less amount of clothes to wash, this is an ideal option. It features the Jeans mode option for laundry which is piled up for days and it takes 64 minutes to complete the process.

The gentle mode of this Haier automatic washing machine, you can use for delicate clothes like a sweater, shawl, babywear or anything delicate. The guidebook recommends you get a mesh bag to put such clothes before putting them into the machine.

This is a powerful automatic washing machine possessing the quality of the Quadra Flow pulsator, which allows an effective wash of your clothes. It creates multi-directional turbulent currents which move the clothes through the water and clean them with tremendous force.

This is a powerful automatic washing machine requires a good amount of water to wash clothes in the third machine, so you should have a good water supply in your area. As mentioned, the medium water level requires up to 37L of water while a very low water level requires 20L. This is why when you wash baby clothes in Haier automatic washing machine, you will need to squeeze out extra water before you air dry them. Because spinning is missing in the gentle mode.

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The performance

This is a budget-friendly automatic washing machine, so you should not expect a top-quality performance. The best part is the Quick Wash program which is much more effective than the Standard Wash program. It works best when you need to wash your daily clothes. The spin time is less which enables your clothes o to come out dry compared to other machines. With a moderate level of noise, you can wash your clothes at night without any interruption in Haier automatic washing machine and this is one of the special qualities it has.

In a nutshell, the Haier automatic washing machine suits you if you are a bachelor, or a couple and do not have a heavy laundry every day. If you do not care much about the fabric of your clothes.

Once you get an idea about how to use Haier automatic washing machine you will enjoy maximum benefits investing in it.

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    sir ,
    I have heir automatic washing machine but it does not cleans the clothes completely. can you help me how to fully cleans the clothes with it . others i have no option but to use the simple one

  2. 2

    sir ,
    I have heir automatic washing machine but it does not cleans the clothes completely. can you help me how to fully cleans the clothes with it . others i have no option but to use the simple one

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    Hello All,

    Today I see an offer on Haier washing machine . It”s quite cheap. It”s only 40,000
    Can anyone share their experience or knowledge with this brand?
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