7 Common problems with semi automatic washing machines

semi automatic washing machine

Semi automatic washing machines are being replaced quickly by more convenient fully-automatic washing machines, but still, hold the larger part of the market. So, here are some of the most common problems faced by customers worldwide.

1. Spinning performance is not good

drain pipe of a semi automatic washing machine

If you’re facing inconsistent performance from your semi automatic washing machine i.e. sometimes it takes less time and sometimes it takes more than usual time to wash clothes, don’t worry the problem is actually minor. Make sure that the drain pipe is placed horizontally, otherwise in washing machines with no drain pump the drainage system will become inefficient resulting in poor spinning performance.

2. Washing machine vibrating abnormally

washing machine stand to maintain balance

This generally is caused by a poorly balanced washing machine. If the surface underneath semi automatic washing machine isn’t horizontal make the necessary changes to the adjustable screws on which the washing machine rests. If your semi-automatic washing machine doesn’t have these screws buy a stand with adjustable screws and place the washing machine on it. In cases where the surface is horizontal and vibrations still persist, make sure you distribute clothes evenly in the tub before washing them.

3. Semi automatic washing machine not washing clothes

washing machine knobs

Start by checking the main switch where the washing machine is plugged in. Make sure the switch is working properly and the connections are tight. After that, check if the wash timer or spin timer is turned ON. If the problem still persists check if the wash selector is not set to ‘Drain’ if it is on Drain mode the machine will not wash. In some cases, the control module (PCB) of the washing machine stops working. If don’t have prior experience in working with live wires and high voltages, call a repair professional to examine the washing machine.

4. Clothes with lint don’t wash clean

mashing machine lint filter

A dirt lint filter is mostly the cause of this problem. Make sure you clean the lint filter after 4-5 washes. Another reason for this problem is using too less detergent. This causes more damage to clothes and produces excessive lint. Using lesser water than the level of clothes also causes wear and produce more lint. If you still have problems, consult a semi-automatic washing machine repairman.

5. Water keeps filling and draining simultaneously

drain valve

Firstly, make sure the wash selector is not set to ‘Drain’. If this doesn’t help then the drain valve of the machine is faulty and has to be replaced.

6. Washing machine randomly stops during washing cycle

Firstly make sure the main switch is working and all the connections are tight. If the problem still persists, most likely the power supply doesn’t comply with the requirements of the washing machine. Due to this, the motor gets overheated and stops till it cools down to normal working temperatures.

7. Washing machine is noisy

washing machine with dirty tub

Objects trapped in between the outer tub and drum can also be the cause of the noise, things like coins and debris are extremely common to be retrieved from around the heater between the drum and they can cause damage to the machine and any clothing in it. Make sure you clear out all the pockets of clothes before putting them in the machine. With time the bearings of the washing machine also start to degrade and become faulty causing loud noise while rotating. Operating a washing machine with faulty bearing can cause fatal damage. This can be rectified by either lubricating the bearing with grease (or oil) or by replacing them.

For any further queries on semi-automatic washing machines, please feel free to comment in the section below.


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    please, the washing section of my semi-manual washing machine is not draining properly. i guess it is blocked. pls how do i go about it?

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    thank you for the explanations. I bought a new semi automatic washing machine, from the first wash I noticed rust stains and brown stains on the laundry.
    At first I thought it was due to the powder detergent I was using, I have changed the brand of detergent 3 times currently I use the ARIEL brand but I still have stains on the laundry, I have washed the machine and cleaned the filter but that did not solve the problem, do you know what it is due to?

  7. 7

    Would like to know whether the screw holding the spinner is replaceable .I noticed that my washing machine was not spinning and on checking it I noticed that the screw holding the spinner wheel was broken .Do semi automatic machine have spare parts?

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    We find some kind of dirty deposite coming out of the drain hole in the washing tub of our semi automatic. tried several times to clean by running the water and draining stimultaneously while running the wash cycle but doesn’t seems to get rid of it fully… it will start coming up as soon as we start the wash cycle again

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    Hi, first of all thank you because my washing machine’s spinning performance was not good, after reading your article i noticed that the drainage pipe was not in proper horizontal position.😀

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    I have samsung semi auto washing machine . I changed my spinner mother due to smelling and not moving. After renewal of moter speed is very low. I checked the breaker is also working perfectly . What is the reason behind spinner moving slowly. Can you suggest me .

  17. 17

    Thank you for the post. The most common problems faced with washing machine is washer or dryer not spinning and the other common problem is water draining. I am in this field for more than 10 years working in LG service center Chennai and posts like these do help us to learn more. Thanks again.

  18. 18

    Thanks for the post. Washing machine not spinning is a very common problem. And this can be due to many reasons. We provide Samsung washing machine service and post like these helps us in improving ourselves in this service field. Thanks again.

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    I have been using semi automatic washing machine from long time & have never faced any major problem.
    Yes, some times I faced minor problems such as vibration problem, spin tub does not rotate properly and touches the boundary etc.
    But these are not serious problem and I continued my washing without any major effort.

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    Buy 10 months before videocon washing machine..its very worst product…worst service…its totally worst product …just go for other product..

  25. 25

    What if filling wash water tube filles spinning tube too.n it does not spin properly then? Where is the problem existing??if persists even if laundry is in limit n washing tub is not overloaded

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