Orient Aeroslim Fan Review: India’s First IoT Enabled Fan

Innovative? Yep! Talk of the town? Yep! Targeted at consumers? Definitely! But will it be able to make its mark in the (so far) price conscious ceiling fan segment? Orient bets so. And why not? Its previous Aero Series fans have stood out from a considerable chunk in the lifestyle fan category in a span of just two years. Orient Electric is elevating innovation in terms of introducing a slew of lifestyle-oriented products.

This time, we are going to talk about Orient’s latest launch: the Aeroslim, which also happens to be the first of its kind in many aspects (which we’ll cover below). When something like this is invented, it would be an injustice to not do a detailed breakdown of the incredible engineering acumen of this new innovative product.


After attending an exclusive launch event in mid of January 2019 in New Delhi, the best way to describe this new fan is something that will instantly start a conversation between you and your guests. Yes, that’s how I’d like to describe it. I’d like to call it the “Conversation Starter”.


Here are the first reaction your guests are going to have after seeing the fan:

  • Is that a fan? Really?
  • Where’d you get it?
  • Oh how much did it cost? Must have cost a lot (actually it doesn’t)
  • Wow! It even has an under-light?
  • It’s IoT enabled? Does it operate via app or remote?
  • What else have you got hidden in your house?

This fan is designed and engineered to blow the minds of your guests away.

The Technical Stuff

The Orient Aeroslim contains a powerful 18 pole motor which enables a fast yet smooth, noiseless operation of the fan. The Orient Aeroslim, despite its slim looks and aesthetic-oriented design, punches an industry high 240 CMM of air delivery at 310 RPM. Thanks to the aerodynamic profile of its blades coupled with its hydrophobic, high gloss PU finish, the fan makes very less noise compared to high-end fans from any other brand in the market. Since the launch of the first Aero Series fan, Aeroquiet, Orient Electric has continued to fine-tune their technology and have set industry standards in almost every significant aspect.

The new features of the Aeroslim include a ceiling adjustable telescopic mounting – yeah, that’s right. You can adjust the length of the mount depending upon the height of your ceiling or as per your requirements. So, it’s ideal for both traditional as well as modern/elevated ceilings. You also get an LED under-light with the fan (as if the fan wasn’t classy enough as it is). It also boasts of a super-efficient inverter motor capable of providing supreme performance even under fluctuating voltages (till 140V), while consuming only 45 watts.

The Style/ Design Stuff


The Orient Aeroslim is an extremely good looking fan that will help you not only beat the heat but also enhance the interior décor scheme of any room in your house. It’s got a slim cylindrical design that looks super nice. It borrows the best of Orient’s signature aerodynamic profiled blades from its predecessors. The blades are made of high-grade glass-filled compounded ABS, which means, the blades are very strong, 100% rust-free and bend-proof. The Aeroslim literally glistens hanging from the ceiling and will easily put your traditional chandeliers to shame.

The Convenience Stuff

At the heart of this story comes a simple, yet highly practical objective: convenience and enhancing the lifestyle and design quotient of your home. The Aeroslim comes equipped with IoT technology which means it supports voice control via Alexa or Google Assistant. You can also operate the fan and its integrated under-light at your fingertips using Orient’s mobile app or a dedicated remote. The fan also comes equipped with a slew of features such as:

  • Fan scheduling
  • Built-in timer
  • Scene switching light
  • Turbo, breeze and sleep modes

There’s also a reverse rotation mode which helps with the circulation of air for better ventilation especially when you don’t require the direct throw of air.

In the words of Atul Jain, Orient Electric’s Sr Vice President and Business Head – Fans, himself, “Aeroslim sets new standards in the segment with its IoT controls, one-of-a-kind slim cylindrical design and energy-efficient inverter motor. It’s a feature loaded fan delivering an astounding 240 CMM air delivery while saving 40% energy. With the distinct finish, performance, ease of operation and looks, we are confident that it will surely create interest amongst the discerned aspirational consumers who are looking for smarter purchases.”


In Conclusion…I have to admit it was a truly WOW moment when I saw the new Aeroslim in full flow. Having attended (pretty much) all of Orient’s lifestyle fans launches for the past 2 years, I am very confident about the Aeroslim’s positive impact in the lifestyle fans industry. 


The company has definitely upped-the-ante for many of its competitors, especially in the lifestyle/ premium fans category where Orient claims to hold over 40% market share. Being one of the oldest “Made in India” companies (estd. 1954) and part of a multi-billion dollar conglomerate, it’s encouraging to see the company usher the nation into a new era of energy-efficient and IoT enabled lifestyle products.

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    I bought 7 of these within 15 days four of them not working from that day onwards I am lodging complaints but no one is responding!!
    How pathetic their after sale service

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    I have purchased 5 of these fans and after just a month’s of use, one fan is completely not working. You would have to call the customer support several times to get help and they won’t attend on time. I am deeply disappointed with the product and service. Complaint number: C19051602699

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