The various different types of speed cameras

different types of speed cameras
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Speed cameras are those kinds of cameras which help to record vehicles on the road so that speeding cars can be detected. These cameras are being used widely nowadays and help police and traffic departments catch those who are above the permitted speed limits.  There are several types of speed cameras available these days and each fulfils the same main function. However these may vary on the basis of the features and specifications. The following is a list of the various different types of speed cameras:

1. Gatso speed cameras

Gatso speed cameras are the most popular types of speed cameras which make use of radar technology and can be used as fixed speed cameras, fixed upon tripods and also used inside moving vehicles of police. These cameras are very convenient to use and are the most common types of fixed speed cameras.  These cameras can take about 400 pictures which are small in size so that they cannot be detected by speeding motorists.

Gatso cameras

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2. Truvelo speed cameras

Truvelo system is that system of speed cameras which make use of infra-red flash when picture of speeding motorists is being clicked.  It is known that three white lines are painted ahead of the Truvelo camera. There are strips on the road which help to register the speed of passing automobiles which can trigger the camera.

truvelo speed camera

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3. SPECS camera

SPECS camera is one of the different types of speed cameras and this one functions along with Automatic Number Plate Reading (ANPR) technology.  These ones are usually used on central reservations or on roadsides. They are mostly fixed to gantries that tower over bigger roads or highways.  These cameras usually work as groups of 2 or 3 cameras and are fitted with infra red illuminators. Several SPECS cameras are fitted at different locations and they together help to establish the average speed of a vehicle.

SPECS speed camera

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4. Traffic light cameras

The cameras attached to traffic lights are known as traffic light speed cameras. They use radar technology or work from ground loops that are fitted onto the surface of roads.  This system works by the activation function when lights turn red. If an automobiles passes over the red sensors after this point of time. A photograph is taken and the speed is calculated.  Earlier these cameras were only placed to catch drivers who went over red lights. They are now being used to measure speed of vehicles as well.


traffic light cameras

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5. Mobile cameras

Another type of a speed camera is a mobile camera which is used through handheld devices such as mobile phones to catch speeding vehicles and drivers.  These speed cameras are incorporated with Mini Gatso and Laser guns which record the number plate of cars on video and calculate the speed as well.

mobile speed camera

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6. LASTEC 20/20

These are those types of speed cameras which make use of both laser as well as infrared technology to calculate speed of moving vehicles. they use a speed gun to shoot a car twice and then approximate the time and distance to get the speed. The operator of such cameras have to pull the trigger to shoot and doing so results in taking the pictures.

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