How to choose high speed ceiling fans

high speed ceiling fans
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When it comes to ceiling fans, most of us do not pay much attention during the selection process. But you will be surprised to know that there is a huge distinction between different ceiling fans and there are many varieties and types available. It is important to select one of the highest quality so that you don’t have to change it time and again. The following are some tips and suggestions for those who are confused about how to choose high speed ceiling fans.

 1. Consider the various room factors

To choose high speed ceiling fans, the first thing to consider is the various room factors such as the dimensions like room size, ceiling height etc.  For example for rooms that have a ceiling height of more than 9 feet, you will need a fan with an extended rod.  Similarly for rooms with a low ceiling, you will need a ceiling fan without any rod.  Some common varieties of ceiling fans include 30 inch fans, 42 inch fans as well as 52 inch fans.  You must also check the floor to ceiling height of the blades. For safety purposes, 7-9 foot of minimum height is usually recommended.

room dimensions

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2. Consider the electricity

It is important to remember that ceiling fans need the same power as most ceiling fixtures and you must not overload the electrical circuit.  Thus you must always consult your electrician before you buy a ceiling fan or a high speed ceiling fan.   You must also ensure that the wiring in the room is sufficient for the installation of the fan. If the fan that you are interested in buying has a light fixture then you must ensure that the circuit is able to handle the light as well as the fan running simultaneously.

3. Choose a fan of high quality

When you choose a high speed ceiling fan, then make sure that the one you select is of superior quality. This is important because choosing a low cost fan will mean added expenditure since it will need repairs every now and then. On the other hand, once you invest in a high quality fan, you won’t need to get repairs or replacement done for several years.  Also cheap fans often make a humming noise and may not be too safe to use as well. High quality fans have stronger motors which offer a better glade pitch than others.

To choose high speed ceiling fans, the above given points should definitely be considered. They will help you make the right choice and one that lasts for a long period of time. Ceiling fans must be selected carefully since getting them repaired or changed regularly can prove to be difficult. There are many electricians out there who can help you install or repair ceiling fans. If you are looking for ceiling fan installation or repair services, you can contact Mr Right solutions.

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