Things That Determine the Quality of Ceiling Fans in India

Whether you’re about to buy a new ceiling fan or replace an old one, it should always be a well-judged and properly advised decision. In this day and age, buying a new ceiling fan has become just as important a decision as any other crucial thing for your house. With advancements in technology and creativity, the fans created these days come in different types and models. Nowadays, there are ceiling fans with upgraded systems like LED lights, remote controls, colours, sizes, and various aesthetics. But throughout this, it is very important to find which characteristics can help you understand and identify the highest quality ceiling fans that will fit your requirements perfectly.

To ensure that you find the ceiling fan of the finest quality that suits you best, we have created this guide that will navigate you by finding the things that point out to a good quality appliance to fit and suit your personal needs.

Checking The Fan’s Airflow

The first thing you should be doing is checking how the fan you are choosing will distribute air across the room. To do this, you need to start by checking the Cubit Feet Per Minute (CFM) or the Cubic Meter Per Minute (CMM). This determines how well the fan will provide airflow and proper distribution in the room. The higher the CMM, the better the airflow will be created by the ceiling fan. But you should always check the fan at all modes provided as sometimes the amount of noise coming out of the fan increases when CMM is increased. Brands like Luminous have a wide range of ceiling fans with the perfect CMM for the best home experience.

2.  Power Consumption

With the ongoing situation worldwide, people have chosen to shift to a more sustainable way of living. Energy and power consumption plays an extremely important role in this. Saving energy can lead to a vast change in the environment, and switching to energy-efficient home electrical and appliances is one step towards a more sustainable life. You can do this by checking the specifications like BEE star ratings and understanding and comparing the power consumption of the ceiling fan. Luminous offers a great variety of energy-efficient ceiling fans with many different aesthetics to match every homeowner’s needs.

3. Price of the Fan

The final thing to keep in mind while selecting the perfect ceiling fan for your home is to check the prices of various options. It is always good to have a budget prepared after doing some research so that you stick to your requirements. But while researching, you will find out that the slightly costlier ones may give you a lot more offers and features like warranty and various other added benefits than extremely low priced fans. Proper research should be conducted before setting a budget for yourself and deciding what fan to buy in terms of pricing. Luminous offers a great variety of ceiling fans which come in many different price ranges. You should always find something that fits your budget criteria and has good features, but research and knowledge about all available options are always a good idea.

Buying a new ceiling fan is an important decision for your home, as choosing the right one can benefit you for many years. There is a wide unexplored world of ceiling fans with new and improved technology with great aesthetics that can fit every homeowner’s specific individual needs. So, what are you all waiting for? Head to our website now!

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