Debunking common myths and misconceptions about Pest Control

common myths and misconceptions about Pest Control

It is a fact that pests are super annoying and can create havoc in your home and life if not dealt with on time. But besides this, they carry infections and diseases that are harmful for your health and that of your family. Moreover they can cause some serious damage to the property that they crop up in as well. This is where pest control comes into the picture and is a common thing people opt for these days. However there are many myths and misconceptions associated with Pest control and the following are a few of them debunked for you:

  • Few pests here and there are no big deal

common myths and misconceptions about Pest Control

Most people believe that a cockroach here or a few ants there can do no real harm but this is a misconception. If you spot insects, even rarely, then this may imply that your house isn’t pest-free. There can be a whole colony of them hiding somewhere and this may need you to think of pest control. One must not ignore occasional pest sightings.

  • Clean homes are always pest free

While it is true that clean homes are safer than relatively dirtier ones when it comes to pests but they may not always be totally pest-free. Cleanliness definitely brings down chances of infestation but it does not eliminate them completely. A house that looks clean on the outside may infact be a breeding zone for pests in hidden corners.

  • DIY method of pest control is the best

A lot of people opt for Do-It-Yourself pest control and it can truly help them get rid of pests once and for all but it may not always be the best method.  One can easily learn ways to keep pests off the premises from friends or from the internet but due to lack of training and experience, it may not be enough.  It is thus always better to take help of a professional who may know which method of control should be used depending upon the pest in question.

  • Pesticides can be harmful for health

common myths and misconceptions about Pest Control

There are many misconceptions and myths surrounding pesticides as well.  Most people believe that pest controls must be avoided since the pesticides used can prove harmful. While it is true that most pesticides have chemicals that are dangerous and toxic but if used properly and in the correct quantities, they are not dangerous for humans.  This is why it is always recommended that one must leave the use of pesticides to professionals.

  • Natural repellents prove to be the best for pest control

Most people consider natural products to produce the best results and the same is true with natural mosquito repellents as well. However studies and research works have proved that chemical repellents that contain picaridin as well as DEET are the most effective against mosquitoes and some other kinds of pests as well.  Thus it is best to opt for these repellents rather than the natural ones for the best results.

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    Keeping a clean home doesn’t guarantee no pests, but it makes it less appealing for them. That’s why cleaning your ductwork is important. Dirty ducts provide pests with a cozy place to live and multiply. But by regularly cleaning them, you not only make the air cleaner but also remove their favorite hiding spots. This creates a healthier and pest-free home for you and your family.

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