4 common reasons of sparking inside microwave

Microwave sparking problem

Sparking inside microwave is common and does not indicate that your microwave has gone bad. When a microwave sparks most people panic. But this situation is not to panic. It requires you to immediately switch off your microwave and perform the necessary inspection.

The possible reasons for sparking and arcing inside microwave are:

1. Metal scarp inside microwave

A small metal piece is enough to cause a spark inside your microwave. For example you may have cleaned the microwave with steel wool and left behind some metal scrap from the wool. Also sometime the food which you heat has a foil covering over it that catches fire. If your heating dish is not microwave safe, there are fair chances of sparking. So make sure that there is no metal scrap and your heating dish is microwave safe before you start cooking food in your microwave.

2. Damaged wave guide cover

There is a cover called wave guide cover over the magnetron which conveys or guides the heat waves to the central area where food is kept. Wave guide cover also prevents any food particle or bug from entering the magnetron.

It is very common that during cooking, some food particles and grease escape the food and stick to the wave guide. The heat emitted from the magnetron burns these stuck food particles, which appears as spark to us. This spark damages the wave guide cover. A damaged or shorted wave guide cover causes frequent sparks. So the solution is to remove the burned wave guide cover with a new one.

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3. Damaged Rack support

Some microwaves have a rack supports, which is a hook like part . If the microwave is sparking near one of the support rack, this means that the paint on the rack has worn out. So remove the support and replace it with a new one.

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4. Diode burn

The high voltage diodes could be shorted or burned causing sparking inside microwave.

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5. BONUS! – Microwave incompatible cookware can also be a reason for the sparking

There is a possibility that you’re using utensils which are not compatible with your microwave. Thus, following are some utensils suitable for heating food in microwaves that are available on Amazon:

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So next time if you see spark inside your microwave, do not get scared. Immediately switch off the microwave and perform the necessary inspection before calling a technician.

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