Microwave light bulb not working: possible causes and solutions

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A microwave as you all know is one kitchen appliance which we use everyday and infact several times a day. The appliance is used not just to heat food and liquids but also cook, bake and grill etc. Microwaves come in various sizes and models but the basic parts and features remain the same. One thing that every microwave in the world has in common is a light bulb which lights up when you open the door. But what if you face the problem of microwave light bulb not working? Well the following are some of the possible causes and some solutions for such a situation.

1. Light bulb may be burned out

One of the most common causes for microwave light bulb not working is that the bulb itself may be burned out. To check whether this is the problem and to solve it, you need to first unplug the microwave and then shut off the power to the microwave at the breaker point itself. Check your microwave to locate the vent and remove its panel by unscrewing the screws. Find the box containing the halogen light and remove its cover. Unscrew the bulb and remove it and install a new one.

2. Problem with the main control board

Another reason why your microwave’s light bulb may not be working could be a problem with the main control board.  Before you go on to check the main control board, ensure that the bulb, wiring and sockets etc are all working fine. Now test the control board by making use of a multi meter. This will help you ensure if the main control board is sending the right voltage to the socket of the light bulb.  If not, then you may need to get it replaced by a new one and this must only be done by an experienced professional or technician.

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3. Problem with the light socket

Another cause of microwave light bulb not working could be a problem with the light socket. But before you check or replace the light socket, you will need to replace the light bulb through the method that has been given above.  However if the light still doesn’t work then you will need a multimeter to check or test the socket for continuity.  If the light socket doesn’t show any continuity then in that case you may need to replace it or get it replaced by a professional.

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Now that you know the 3 main causes why the microwave light bulb may not be working, you can easily detect the main issue and resolve it yourself by the methods given above. But if you are inexperienced or not confident of solving the problem on your own, you must not hesitate calling a professional. For general home appliances repair, you can contact Mr Right.

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