Microwave door not opening? Here’s the solution

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Microwaves are useful kitchen appliances which have made a lot of our day to day tasks much easier. Not only do they enable us to heat foods and liquids but also cook several dishes. Without them, imagining a kitchen can be difficult especially for those living in urban areas around the world. But one common problem that many of us can encounter is microwave door not opening. Yes, a lot of times the door gets locked in such a way that it doesn’t open. If you are looking for a solution to this, then the following given points might prove to be of help.

1. Issue with the door latch button or lever

In most of the cases where the microwave door is not opening the cause comes out to be an issue with the door latch button or lever.  What happens is that the lever unit usually has a paddle or a button which gets in contact with door latch assembly and releases the hooks which in result lets you open the microwave door.  If you wish to check whether this is the issue, you can access the door latch lever unit by first unplugging the appliance and then removing the cover as well as the control panel.  You can now check the lever for any kind of damage. if yes, you might need to get it replaced.

2. Problem with the door spring

In many of the cases where you experience microwave door not opening problem, the cause could be a problem with the door spring.  Torsion spring of the microwave is an integral part and if it is broken or damaged, it could lead to either the door not opening or the door not closing properly. Torsion springs prove useful to keep the door closed on units which have doors that open in the outwards direction.  There are two springs in doors one on either side . to check whether there is a problem with them, you need to first unplug the microwave from the power supply and then take the door panels off.  The springs are at the bottom of the door. Check them for signs of wear and tear or any kind of damage. they may need replacement if broken.

microwave door not opening

Image Credits: Mr Right

3. Problem with the door latch

Another possible reason when microwave door not opening could be an issue with the door latch. The door latch consists of two hooks which come out from the door. These get fit into the door switch holder which is further mounted on top of the frame of the appliance.  To reach the door latch for inspecting it, you need to unplug the appliance and remove the inner door panel. Check for any damage and need for replacement.

Some of the most popular door latch replacements are:

If you are someone who is unable to detect the issue with the microwave door or needs to get any part replaced, you can contact Mr Right for appliance repair and services.

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  1. 1

    Hi there – my microwave door is not opening – the problem is not the latches on the right of the door but where the door pivots on the left. I’ve removed the cover but this does not provide any access to the pivot – And I can see no way to get access to the pivot: no screws or hooks at all 😕 can you give any advice ? Thanks. It’s a Samsung TDS if that helps?

  2. 2

    My barely 2-year-old Hamilton Beach 0.7 cu.ft. countertop microwave’s (model #P70B20AP-WZ) door won’t open, since yesterday afternoon (04/23/2020). It has a push-in button to release the door, but as I tried to get it to open, it turned itself on, suddenly; so I had to unplug it (there was nothing inside at the moment). Hours later, I plugged it back in, to see if it had fixed itself, to no avail. Started back up running, and I still couldn’t get the door opened. Bought it on sale at Walmart, so called them this morning, only to discover they do not offer repair services on such products (and apparently, Hamilton Beach no longer makes microwave ovens, per their website).

    Now, I’ve been shopping around for a new microwave, but I do not want to pay $60+ for something that will only last for 2 years! How common is this ‘door not opening’ problem? I’ve had microwaves that lasted decades prior to this (Sharp brand).

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