10 Microwave safety measures that you must follow!

Safety measures to follow while using microwave

Microwave has become a must have kitchen appliance today. It is being used very often for cooking, baking and heating purpose. It has made cooking a joyful experience. But it is very important to use and handle this appliance with great care and caution.

Microwave safety tips

Here are 10 safety measures that must be followed while using a microwave:

  1. Avoid Metals and papers :Do not use any metal container /metal utensil or any cookware that has metal handle or trims to avoid fire inside microwave. Always remove the aluminium foil from the food item before heating them in microwave.Also do not use paper cups or paper disposable utensils for cooking and heating.
  2. No flammable food or beverage: Do not heat or cook any food and beverage item that is flammable in nature ( i.e. items that catch fire). Heating such items can cause fire or explosion inside microwave
  3. No sealed food and beverage items: Do not heat food items that are packed and sealed. Heating such items can lead to explosion inside the microwave. First take out the food from sealed packet and then heat it in a microwavable dish or utensil.
  4. Place microwave away from heating sources in the kitchen. Do not keep it near or beneath any cooking or heating appliance.This can lead to over heating of the microwave.
  5. Do not cover the vent of microwave at the top when it is in use. Also do not cover any part of the microwave with  metal foil. This can lead to over heating of the appliance and sometimes even risk of fire.
  6. Never ever attempt to use microwave with door open as this act can lead to exposure to microwave energy.
  7. If food items or materials inside the oven catches fire, immediately turn off the power, unplug the device and keep oven door closed.
  8. After cooking or heating, allow the utensil or dish to stand in the microwave oven for a short time before taking it out. This will bring down the temperature of the hot container and will protect the user from risk of any injury or burn.
  9. Over-sized food containers should not be heated inside microwave to avoid fire or electric shock.
  10. Never use microwave as a storage unit. Do not store any item other than manufacturer recommended accessories inside it.
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The microwave oven should be serviced only by service personnel. Therefore call for only professional help for your microwave examination, repair, or adjustment.

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It is always good to be a little alert and cautious while using home appliances. These man made helping hand if handled with care can be a real blessing to us.



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