Microwave is not heating: causes and solutions

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Microwave is one of the most commonly used electronic appliances these days. Most people, no matter what the location own a microwave for cooking and heating purposes. Microwaves are easy to use, take less space and fulfil several purposes. However due to their constant usage, they may start showing certain faults from time to time. For example, it may stop heating and there could be many reasons or causes for this. If your microwave is not heating, then you can go through the following given probable causes and solutions.

1. High voltage diode problem

The most common reason for microwave not heating could be problem with high voltage diode.  High voltage diode helps to power the magnetron and is located in the cabinet.  To check whether this is really the issue and to solve it, you need to unplug the microwave and then discharge the high voltage capacitor.  Use a multi meter in order to test the diode. There must be low resistance in one direction and high in the other.  If not then the diode may need to be replaced. However if the diode is fine then the issue may be related to the high voltage circuit.

2. Problem with the door switch

Another possible cause when microwave is not heating is an issue with the door switch.  The door switch is also known as the interlock switch and it can be accessed by removing the cabinet.  For this first unplug the microwave and then test using a multi meter. Depress the actuator button and check the switches. If you find no continuity at this point then you may need to replace the switch.  Also when testing this, you must ensure that the door hooks as this triggers door switch are working correctly.

3. Problem with the magnetron

If your microwave is not heating, then the problem could also be with the magnetron. Magnetron is an important part of the microwave and is responsible for providing the heat which cooks the food.  In case the magnetron is broken then this may lead to blowing up of the fuse which could further result in other components failing.  To check the magnetron, unplug the microwave and then remove the cabinet. After this, discharge the high voltage capacitor and test. While testing the magnetron, disconnect the attached wires and attach the leads of the multi meter to the terminals of the magnetron. The continuity that you get should be about 2-3 ohms of resistance between the terminals as well as the grounded outer case.  If this is normal then the problem could be something else.

how to test microwave's magnetron

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Now that you know the possible causes of microwave not heating, you must contact a technician to get the problem resolved or the parts replaced. There are many technicians or professionals out there who are experienced with repairing microwaves and one can be contacted by reaching out to Mr Right in case of microwave not heating.

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    Can the Megnetron be replaced? Is it worth it to do so?
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