Best ways to fix a sparking microwave

sparking microwave
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Microwave is an important electronic product which fulfils several requirements in every household and even in office spaces. It enables you to heat food and also lets you cook and bake. Thus it pretty much does everything you need for a basic meal. However if it becomes faulty or starts showing signs of irregularities, you must fix the respective issue fast so as to stop any interruption that it may cause. If you have been noticing sparking or arcing inside the microwave, then there are some ways to fix this issue. The following are the best solutions for a sparking microwave.

1. Problem with the high voltage diode

One of the possible reasons for a sparking microwave could be an issue with the high voltage diode. It is highly possible that the high voltage diode may be opened or shorted.  The diode performs next to the capacitor as well as the magnetron and provides the microwave heat needed to cook or heat food.

If you wish to check or confirm this, you will first need to unplug the microwave and then remove the cabinet. After this you will have to discharge the high voltage capacitor so as to avoid the situation of getting an electric shock.  Now use a multimeter to test the continuity of the high voltage diode.  In a working diode, the multi meter shows low resistance in one direction and high resistance in the other.  If the diode shows no continuity or low resistance in both directions, then you may have to get it replaced by a professional.

Some of Diodes available online:-

  1. GE WB27X10930 Microwave Diode

  2. Universal Microwave Diode Compatible for GE WB27X10597 Whirlpool W10492276 and Others 2 PCS

2. Problem with the stirrer

The stirrer is another part of the microwave which is responsible for providing even heating inside the appliance.  What it does is that it distributes the energy evenly. But in case the stirrer is not working fine then the energy may be getting concentrated in only one area and this can often lead to sparking or burning.  There are two main reasons why a stirrer may not be working properly and they include the stirrer belt being broken and the drive motor being broken. You can call a professional to test which among these is the issue. Replace the part that is broken so that the stirrer starts working properly again and the sparking can be avoided.

metal in microwave

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3. Presence of metal scrap inside the microwave

Another possible reason for sparking inside microwave could be presence of a metal scrap.  For example, using foil inside the microwave could lead to sparking or if you have recently cleaned the appliance using steel wool, then some part of metal from the wool may have left behind and this could be causing the issue etc.  So make sure that no metal piece or scrap is left in the appliance.

If you are unable to solve the issue yourself, you can contact Mr Right for any microwave sparking problems.

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    You’d have to carefully pry the case apart and then solder a new battery to the battery leads (or use conductive epoxy). I’m not sure how much money you’d save, in the end–batteries are not readily available for this, although I believe one of the iPod batteries works.

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    Microwave heavily spark at the pins of capacitor at diode side fuse burn out. Continuty test ok for both. Then what will be the problem & solution ?Everything is ok other then this problem.

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    The wave guide is simple to install. Unplug microwave. Get a piece of mica board (cheap), use the original waveguide as a template, cut and install new mica board wave guide.

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